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Running a chainsaw is a popular wintertime activity in every rural home from across the world. Even though this process is simple and only takes a few minutes, it’s still crucial to understand it best. So, today we’ll know about how to put a chain on a chainsaw.


Chaining or replacing put a chain on a chainsaw is one of the repair tasks that make a big difference in any chain. What will happen to you if you do not know how to put a chain on a chainsaw? It would be a nightmare if you were in the middle of cutting firewood. 

This chain heats and overstretches and comes out.  Learn how to this, primarily if you usually use firewood to heat your home during the wintertime.


Get rid of the existing chain.

Get rid of the guide bar side panel.  Attach the Side plates using two nuts. Unscrew the nuts using a wrench to remove the plate and get to the chain.  Keep in mind that some chainsaws have their brakes attached to the guide bar side plate. If that is the case, unlock the brake before you remove the sprocket plate.

Step 2

Release tension in the chain

Now you can get rid of the existing chain now that the sprocket plate is off the saw. Pull the nose of the chainsaw bar from the chainsaw to separate it with the tensioner.

Step 3

Remove the existing chain from the chainsaw

The steps mentioned above will seamlessly help you remove the chain from the guide bar regardless of the slack in it.

Step 4

Loosening the tension screw

Look for the tension screw on the inside of the guide bar and use a suitable screw to loosen it.  This process eases the installation of a new chain

How To Put a Chain on a Chainsaw

Step 5

Threading the new chain onto the chainsaw

Thread your chain around the chainsaw’s clutch drum.  Do it carefully so that you do not need any tooth behind without threading. Engage the drive links in the sprocket as well.

Step 6

Aligning the guide bar

Make sure that you properly thread the chain around the clutch drum as well as the guide bar. Pull the guide bar’s nose away from the saw to put some tension.

Step 7

Replacing the side plate

Position the guide bar properly underneath. Then bring in the sidebar.

Step 8

Tighten the chain to correct tension                               

Use a suitable screw such as the tensioning screw and adjust the chainsaw to the side of the bar. Make sure that you properly adjust the chain.

Step 9

Tighten the side plate nuts

Now the chaining process is complete, and it’s as simple as discussed above.

How tight should a chain be on a chainsaw?

A properly-tensioned chainsaw chain needs to be still a little loose on the chainsaw guide bar; however, the chain requires to be tight enough that you can’t pull the drive connects out of the bar nose.

How To Put a chain on a chainsaw Properly 


We chain our chainsaw for different reasons. Worn out or bluntness will cause many problems to the user. We cannot use a problematic chainsaw, as this might consume a lot of time and energy.

It also poses many risks to the user. Always check on our chainsaw and make use of our tips above to chain your chainsaw hastily.  


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