Sn tools table saw: Expert Advise [2023]

When it comes to dependable quality and versatility in a table saw, SN Tools delivers. As a trusted brand in power tools for decades, SN Tools table saws offer woodworkers of all levels the performance, precision and features they need. Their line of table saws ranges from compact jobsite models to full-size cabinet saws, including hybrid and contractor saws that bridge the gap. Whether you’re a hobbyist taking on small DIY projects or a professional looking for the highest power and largest surface area, there’s an SN Tools saw tailored to your needs.

The following comparison reviews 5 of SN Tools’ top table saw models currently available, from their most portable jobsite option to their largest sliding compound saw. By highlighting the key features, specifications and intended users of each model, we aim to help you find the table saw that’s the best fit for your budget and requirements. [Or substituted your own goal statement here.]

All SN Tools table saws prioritize safety, with features like blade guards, anti-kickback pawls and quick-release locks to secure the fence. Their trusted motors deliver powerful performance for clean, precise cuts. And their durable construction ensures longevity and reliability, backed by SN Tools’ strong reputation and customer service.

In summary, whether you need a high-quality table saw for occasional DIY projects or rely on your saw for your livelihood, SN Tools has an option that delivers on performance, safety and value. Let’s take a closer look at 5 of their top models to determine which might be the right choice for you.

SN Tools’ 10-Inch Jobsite Table Saw

If you’re looking for a powerful yet compact table saw for job site or home use, the 10-inch jobsite model fits the bill. Weighing only 57 pounds, this portable table saw is SN Tools’ lightest model and is easy to transport and set up where you need it.

Despite its smaller size, the jobsite saw delivers with a 10-inch blade, 15-amp motor and 2600 RPMs for fast, clean rip cuts up to 26 inches wide. Features include an integrated roller stand for easy mobility, blade guard with riving knife, bevel gauge and adjustable fence that locks at any position up to 25 inches.

An LED readout displays blade angle for precision bevel cuts up to 47 degrees. A tool-free guard allows you to change blades quickly and easily with just a wrench. The small, lightweight design also takes up minimal space when storing.

This reliable little table saw is perfect for contractors, homeowners and DIYers working on light- to medium-duty projects around the house or jobsite. The compact size, portability, built-in stand and affordable price make it a top choice for occasional users who need a versatile saw for basic cuts in wood, plastic and laminate.

Key Features:

• 10-inch blade cuts up to 26 inches wide
• 15-amp motor produces fast 2600 RPMs
• Adjustable fence up to 25 inches
• Integrated roller stand for easy transport
• Bevel cuts up to 47 degrees
• Tool-free blade guard
• Weighs only 57 pounds

Best Uses: Occasional use at home or jobsite for DIY projects, light remodeling work, crafts and small furniture.

SN Tools 12-Inch Hybrid Table Saw

The 12-inch hybrid table saw bridges the gap between a jobsite saw and full-size cabinet saw. While lightweight and portable enough for use at a jobsite, it has features that allow for the precision and power of a cabinet saw.

Featuring a 12-inch blade, this hybrid saw has a more powerful 20-amp motor and up to 3200 RPM for clean cuts through hardwoods and engineered materials. The cast-iron table and extended rails measure 30 inches, providing stability and miter slots for the fence and miter gauge.

Additional features include a 52-inch rip capacity, bevel cuts from 0 to 47 degrees, and a telescopic blade guard. An LED readout displays blade angle for precision bevel cuts. The adjustable steel-and-aluminum fence locks securely at any position up to 25 inches.

The increased power, larger surface and extended rails of this hybrid table saw allow for smoother cuts and more consistent accuracy compared to a basic jobsite saw. At 87 pounds, it’s also easier to lift and transport than a full cabinet saw.

This versatile table saw is well suited to contractors, hobbyists and DIYers looking for the power and features of a cabinet saw with the portability of a jobsite model.

Key Features:

• 12-inch blade for clean, fast cuts
• 20-amp motor with up to 3200 RPM
• Cast iron table and 30-inch rails
• 52-inch rip capacity
• Adjustable fence up to 25 inches
• Bevel cuts from 0 to 47 degrees
• Weighs 87 pounds

Best Uses: Occasional job site use, light woodworking projects, remodeling and cabinet refacing work.

SN Tools 15-Inch Cabinet Table Saw

Stepping up to a full-sized cabinet table saw gives you the power and precision to tackle larger, more intensive woodworking projects. The 15-inch cabinet saw offers a professional-quality solution for serious woodworkers and craftspeople.

Boasting a pro-style 15-amp induction motor with 3450 RPM, this saw delivers high power for cuts through hardwoods, composites and thicker materials at faster speeds. The classic cabinet design encloses the motor, belt drive system and electronics to keep sawdust out for longer product life.

The heavy-duty cast iron tabletop measures a large 35 by 26 inches, providing a stable and square surface. The accurate rack and pinion fence extends to a lengthy 36 inches and locks securely at any position. It also has miter slots to guide the separate miter gauge.

Other features include a 50-inch rip capacity, blade height adjustments from 0 to 3 inches, and bevel cuts from 0 to 45 degrees. An integrated rolling stand allows you to easily lift and adjust the 330-pound cabinet saw.

With its durable construction, precision, cutting power and large surface area, the 15-inch cabinet saw is designed for woodworkers and craftspeople generating more complex cuts, repeatable results and dust-free operation.

Key Features:

• 15-inch blade with 3450 RPM motor
• Classic cabinet design encloses motor
• 35″ x 26″ cast iron tabletop
• 36″ rip fence and miter gauge slots
• 50″ rip capacity
• 0 to 3″ blade height
• 0 to 45 degree bevel cuts
• Weighs 330 lbs

Best Uses: Craft projects like woodturning, furniture and cabinet making that require large surface area, miter slots and repeatable accuracy.

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SN Tools 220 Volt Contractor Table Saw

If you need the absolute maximum power, rip capacity and precision for heavy-duty cutting jobs, a 220 volt contractor table saw delivers. The 220V contractor model is SN Tools’ most powerful and largest table saw.

Featuring a 220 volt, 7.5 horsepower motor producing up to 4800 RPM, this contractor saw provides the muscle to cut through thick hardwoods, dense composites and various engineered materials. The additional power allows for faster cutting speeds and smoother blade performance.

The table surface measures an enormous 44 by 27.5 inches and is made of precision-ground cast iron for a completely flat, rock-solid cutting platform. The rip fence extends up to 48 inches for handling jumbo-sized sheet materials. The steel trunnions and large outer case deliver even more rigidity and stability.

Additional features include blade and arbor sizes up to 3HP and 1 3/8 inch, a 60-inch rip capacity, bevel cuts up to 47 degrees and an easily adjustable digital readout.

Ideal for woodworkers and contractors who need the raw power, heft and precision for commercial cutting applications, this is SN Tools’ most serious table saw.

Key Features:

• 220 volt, 7.5 HP motor delivers 4800 RPM
• 44″ x 27.5″ cast iron tabletop
• 48″ rip fence for large sheet materials
• Up to 60″ rip capacity
• Ball-bearing steel trunnions
• Adjustable from 0 – 47 degree bevel
• Weighs over 500 lbs

Best Uses: Commercial applications like very large dimensional lumber, sheathing and panel cutting; industrial carpentry, millwork, cabinet and furniture making.

SN Tools 10HP Sliding Compound Table Saw

For woodworkers and shops requiring the ultimate in table saw power, accuracy and surface area, SN Tools offers a 10HP sliding compound saw. Featuring a sliding extension table, this top-of-the-line saw maximizes rip capacity for cutting extra-long stock.

Powering this giant saw is a whopping 10HP, 440 volt motor producing a maximum RPM of 5000. The enormous motor allows you to cut through the hardest woods, composites, plastics and steel with ease.

The table surface consists of a massive 43 x 29 inch cast iron table with 27 inch extension. The straight-line sliding mechanism delivers up to 83 inches of rip capacity – enough to manage jumbo 4x material. Precision racks and pinions control the sliding motion for repeatable accuracy.

Other features include 15 inch blade capacity, 60 degree left bevel and 45 degree right bevel capabilities, massive trunnion supports and dust collection ports.

Designed for the most demanding woodworking and production applications, this sliding table saw means business with its cutting power, speed, productivity-enhancing features and rugged build quality.

Key Features:

• 10HP, 440 volt motor reaches 5000 RPM
• 43″ x 29″ cast iron table with 27″ extension
• Up to 83″ of rip capacity
• 15″ blade capacity
• Precision sliding extension mechanism
• 60/45 degree bevel capacity
• Weighs over 1,000 lbs

Best Uses: Industrial and commercial applications like millworking, panel cutting, furniture making, roof truss assembly and other production-level jobs requiring a saw with enormous capacity.

Buying Guide:
What to Consider When Buying an SN Tools Table Saw

• Job Requirements – The most important factor is how and how often you’ll use the saw. Hobbyists can get away with a lightweight jobsite saw while pros need a high-capacity cabinet or contractor model.

• Budget – Consider your budget and balance cost with the capabilities you need. SN Tools offers options at different price points to fit various budgets.

• Mobility – If you’ll move the saw around, weight is a factor. Lighter jobsite and hybrid saws are easier to transport while full-size cabinet saws are stationary.

• Cutting Size – Table size, rip capacity and blade diameter determine the size of materials you can cut. Measure your typical stock before choosing a saw.

• Precision – Features like cast iron tables, precise racks and pinions, and digital readouts enhance accuracy for repeatable results.

• Dust Collection – If dust is an issue, check if the saw has ports and hoses for connecting to a dust collector or shop vac.

• Motor – Contractors need high horsepower motors while hobbyists can get away with a smaller motor. Voltage options vary from standard 120V up to 440V.


Q: What is the difference between a cabinet saw and jobsite saw?

A: Jobsite saws are smaller, lighter and more portable while cabinet saws are larger and more powerful. Specifically:

• Size: Jobsite saws have table surfaces around 25-30 inches while cabinet saws are 35+ inches.

• Weight: Jobsite saws weigh under 100 pounds; cabinet saws often weigh 300+ pounds.

• Power: Jobsite saws have smaller motors around 15 amps; cabinet saws have larger motors up to 20+ amps.

• Fence: Jobsite saws have shorter fences up to 25 inches; cabinet saw fences extend to 36+ inches.

• Precision: Cabinet saws tend to have more precision features for repeatable cuts.

Q: Can a hybrid saw replace a cabinet saw?
A: In some cases, yes. Hybrid saws combine features of jobsite and cabinet saws, so they offer:

• More power and precision than a jobsite saw
• More surface area and rip capacity than a basic jobsite saw
• But less power, surface area and repeatability than a full cabinet saw

A hybrid saw can handle lighter-duty woodworking while a cabinet saw is required for more intensive cuts with demanding accuracy. But hybrid saws are a good compromise for those who value portability but still need more capability.


In conclusion, SN Tools offers a comprehensive line of table saws to suit any budget and jobsite or workshop need. Whether you’re a hobbyist looking for an affordable but powerful jobsite saw, or a professional who demands the highest performance from a cabinet or contractor saw, there’s an SN Tools model tailored for your requirements.

All of their table saws deliver on the fundamentals of safety, durability, accuracy and cutting capacity through features like guards, rails, fences, miter gauges and precision-ground tables. But they also excel at the specifics that distinguish different saw types – from compact portability to extra rip capacity and raw power.

If you’re in the market for a new table saw, consider checking out the full lineup at SN Tools’ website. You can compare specifications, read reviews, and learn more about the benefits of each model to determine which will optimize your workflow and efficiency the most.

Plus, SN Tools frequently offers discounts, bundles with additional accessories, and special financing options to make the purchase more affordable. So be sure to take advantage of any current promotions to get the highest value for your money.

With over a century of engineering expertise, SN Tools has the experience and reputation to stand behind every table saw they produce. Purchasing from them means getting a tool you can rely on for many years of precise, productive cuts.


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