7 Best Low Angle Block Plane In 2023

Carpentry can be for everyone. You only need the best tools to solve the needs that you will have in the future. One of these is finding the best low angle block plane. To find a high-quality product, you must frame your expectations. All carpenters have different needs. That is why you should know about these tools.

Generally, low angle block planes will give you all the precision you need. It is not always necessary to spend a fortune on a product that will not end up being worth it. Plans are tools for carpenters who need to connect their knowledge with their roots. You can create spectacular pieces with this tool. Keep reading to find the best on the market today. You can buy with confidence and security. This review will provide you with everything you need.

What is a low angle block plane?

Block plans are great tools for carpenters. These plans also have the blade beveled up like many others. These instruments have the purpose of sanding the wood. You can use it in any of your wood projects. Therefore, these plans provide excellent results on delicate woods and even significant figures.

Why buy a block plane?

If you need to smooth a final grain of the board, you need this type of plane. When you have any rough last grain, this is a tool that will help you solve this problem. Also, when your wood or board has sharp edges, you can give it a more aesthetic look. You can shave all the parts you need, without any problem. Another way to use it is to bevel. This means you can use this plane in a general way. You will love the way you are going to use this tool. You will have excellent control working on this plane.

TOP 14 best products for you to buy

The instruments for carpentry projects are becoming many more. Not all of them are always of high quality. In addition, the market is growing much more, and it is more difficult to find products that are what you need. Do not worry! With this guide, you can quickly find what you need. We will provide you with everything you need to be able to choose the best product.

1: The new Low Angle Block Plane by WoodRiver

Our first product is from WoodRiver. This plane has a design based on a classical perspective. Forget about having problems with your projects. This plane gives you a knuckle style toggle cap. In addition, it has a 12-degree angle focused on the bed style. Its leaves are high carbon. The WoodRiver plane has a blade angle of 25 degrees. This helps you to carry out your projects more effectively. Its manufacturer is a leader in each of its products.


  • Manufacturer: WoodRiver
  • Style: Low Angle
  • It has a design based on a classic way


  • Its blade is of 25-angle degree
  • 1-5 / 8 “W x 0.125” T – 2 “W x 7” L
  • Its blades are of high carbon


  • It is a product designed by leading suppliers
  • It has a classic but sophisticated design.
  • It would help if you sharpened the blade.


  • We could not find a defect.

VERDICT The quality of this product will impress you. You will not be able to stop using this plane from the first day. It would be best if you did not fight taking extra steps to configure it. It is a high-quality tool and very well built.

2: The 1-12-137 model of 62-Low Angle by Stanley

Our product 2 is from Stanley. This plane helps spice up carpentry projects. You will be able to work in the best way, fast, and in an effective way. This product is tested with real-life problems. This helps provide the best of each feature it will offer. It has a tape that allows working under pressure. This tool will be an essential support for your projects. All people will respect you for the excellent jobs you do. Plus, it gives you a base and frog to help prevent chatter.


  • Manufacturer: Stanley
  • Its color is Silver
  • The materials included are paper, plastic, and metal


  • Base helps you eliminate chatter
  • It gives you an incomparable precision
  • It incorporates a tape that helps with precision


  • It is a tool made by a supplier that works in real cases for the creation of this tool.
  • It helps improve performance when you use it.


  • It can give you considerable weight

VERDICT This number two product is a precision product. It is made of ductile iron; this allows you to have more exceptional durability. You will have a tool that will have a very long useful life.

3: The new 12-139 model No.60-1/2 Low Angle by Stanley

Our third product gives you a limited warranty. This guarantee is for life. Stanley, the leading provider, makes this fifth product. It can provide smooth brushing. Also, everything you do with this plane, you will do it with precision. They also have a frog and base made in one piece. Efficiency, effectiveness, and pleasure are the words that define this product. It will give you a Norris style fit. In addition, its mouth will help you make a brake adjustment. It is a product that guarantees safety and efficacy. It has materials like steel and cast iron. This helps to overcome the edges. Besides, you can use a replacement blade # 12-143.


  • Manufacturer: Stanley
  • Warranty Description: Limited lifetime
  • Item model number: 12-139


  • Provide precision to your work
  • It has cast iron material
  • Its weight is 2-1 / 8, and its length is 6-1 / 2 L


  • It gives you polish with a 25-degree angle.
  • It has a style fit based on the Norris style with side lock.


  • It has some blades that could be exaggerated for this type of plane.

VERDICT: There is never a lack of quality in Stanley’s products. This plane gave you a single piece to be able to put your carpentry projects in perfect condition. You will not have any problem with the break. Plus, it gives you solid brass fitting hardware.

4: STANLEY Hand Planer, Black/Red (‎STA112220)

Stanley has a solid reputation. That is the reason for having so many products of this brand in our buying and review guide. These accessories help your daily life in the carpentry. It gives you a six-inch low angle shot. Also, bring a 1-3 / 8-inch cutter. This blade is adjustable. Its blade rests at 13.5 degrees. Also, it has a gray base. This base has as primary material cast iron with rectified sides and bottoms. Precision is what you will get the most. Also, it has a durable coating with unmatched protection. You will love their limited lifetime warranty. Enjoy it! SPECIFICATIONS

  • Manufacturer: Stanley
  • Model: ‎STA112220
  • It is a low angle plane of six inches.


  • It has a ‎7.87 x 2.17 x 4.13 inches dimension.
  • It has cast iron with rectified sides and bottom.
  • It has a quick-release cam lock.


  • It will give you a fully adjustable blade to provide precision
  • It gives you a limited lifetime warranty.


  • The sole should be flattened

VERDICT It is a high-quality product and easy to use. It will need a few adjustments, but then it is ready to use. It has a reasonably affordable price and is consistent with quality. You can carry out all kinds of projects you want to undertake. You should perform some cleaning processes, but nothing out of the ordinary.

 5: The new 468273 models of Low Angle Block Plane by Taytools

Our fifth product has a body made of ductile iron. This material helps relieve stress with each side and precision lapping sole. In addition, it contains a hinged stainless steel lid. It gives you some steel sheets with a thickness of 1/8 inches. Also, its blade is sharp at 25 degrees. It has a sole with a precision of up to 0.001 “ground. Also, its length is 7 inches. It weighs 1.8 pounds. It is a tool dedicated to carpentry work. It will give you smoother jobs, smaller cuts. In addition, it is a tool designed for those demanding carpenters.


  • The manufacturer: Taylor Toolworks
  • Model: 468273
  • Material: Stainless Steel and Iron


  • 25-degree sharp blade
  • Seven inch length
  • 1.8-pound weight and provides precision


  • It has a precision ground grinding wheel of up to 0.001 inches.
  • It is a perfect tool for smoothing jobs and making small cuts.


  • The blade needs to be flattened

VERDICT: Demanding carpenters will love this tool. It gives you precision. Furthermore, it is an almost indestructible tool. Not to mention that it helps you alleviate the stress caused by this tool.

6: The new 12-220 Block Plane by Stanley

The sixth product is also from Stanley. It is that this provider is a leading manufacturer in these tools. It provides you with everything you need. This tool is designed for skilled woodworkers who love light work. You will not have to adjust it in any other way than manually. It has an adjustable cutter that provides depth to all your cuts. In addition, its cast iron is to provide protection. This provider offers a limited lifetime warranty for any future problems.


  • Manufacturer: Stanley
  • It is a manually adjustable accessory
  • The colors available are black and red


  • Ideal for light work
  • You can use it for cross grain brushing.
  • They have mechanized sides.


  • Has an adjustable cutter with depth of cut
  • It gives you precision and enviable protection.


  • The sole may need a little help to sharpen it.

VERDICT As a leading provider in the market makes it, you will not be disappointed. Its adjustable blade can save you and solve many of the woodworking problems you may have. You will have greater control over the projects you undertake.

7: The new H7566 – 14” Smoothing Plane by Grizzly

Last but not least, the product is Grizzly’s low angle block plane. This is a 14-inch H7566 model. It practically has a smoothing plane style. You will be fascinated by the finish aspect it will give to your final projects. It weighs approximately 5.5 pounds. This will allow you to provide precision to what you do. This product is necessary for those carpenters who love to give their best. In addition, it is a product that is worth between quality and price.


  • Manufacturer: Grizzly Industrial
  • The packages dimensions are 6.14 “x 14.56” x 2.91 “
  • Its weight is 5.5 lbs.


  • Does not need or include batteries
  • It is a Smoothing plane
  • Provides a smooth finish thanks to its flat sole


  • It gives you rosewood handles and knobs so you can use it more easily.
  • It gives you an incredible sliding action to reduce resistance.


  • It is a plane as a starting point

VERDICT :This product gives you fine adjustments and precision. In addition, its materials are made of high quality material. Also, it offers you flat iron adjustments, frogs covers, levers, among others. You will love this product to start your carpenter career.


BUYING GUIDE: What to look before buying

The time has come to decide what plane you need. But… you do not really know what to base yourself on. Don’t worry, with this guide, all your questions will vanish. We don’t always understand what to look for in a low angle block plane. But we will show you the points you should focus on. After reading them, you will be ready to choose the best low angle block plane for you.


There are two common types of planes. First is the standard; this tool has an angle of 20 degrees. These styles have a sharpening blade of around 25 degrees. The other type is the low angle. This is also used with a 25 degree blade. In addition, the angle includes a 12 degree bed. So, you will have a 37 degree angle. With this tool, you can easily shave the wood.


You must realize what kind of materials you will have in order to have better quality. Materials could be metal or wood. Some users buy tools with wooden material, but the blade does not. These tools are highly aesthetically approved but are not as durable. On the other hand, metal plans allow them to last a long time. But you must accurately choose a model and brand. But do not doubt that this tool will help you save yourself from many projects.


Not always the one with the lowest rate can supply all your needs. Sometimes by wanting to save a little money, you end up spending much more. It is preferable to pay a little more, and that you will have a much more durable plan. You will avoid unnecessary expenses.

Best Low Angle Block Plane

Frequently asked question

  • What does a low angle block plane mean?

It is simply a tool for carpenters. The leading utility is to clean the final grain after cutting a table. You can remove the arris, shape the curves, among other tasks. It is suitable for cutting the final grain easily.

  • What angle should my low angle block plane have?

This tool has a super practical size. This is because it has a very shallow angle between the blade and the sole. It has an angle of approximately 20 degrees. What bed angle does a low angle block plane have? Generally, these tools have a 12 degree bed angle. Also, its blade has a 25 degree sharpness.

  • How to use the 25-degree sharp blade?

This blade is usually already sharp at 25 degrees. This blade must be used beveled. Thus, you will have an active cut of 37 degrees. If you need a fine cut, you should have a 25-degree blade bevel.

  • At what angle should I sharpen the flat blades?

Generally, just like a chisel, you can sharpen it to 30 degrees. However, many people sharpen it to 25 degrees.

  • What is the purpose of using this low angle plane?

You can use it for all kinds of work. You can use it from general use to making cuts, adjustments, smoothing operations, among others. In addition, you can work the final grain. As an extra, you can square or cut the wood.



The ideal and best low angle block plane can be a bit of a tough job. There are too many options in the world of plans. You should choose the best materials to be able to offer the best possibilities for your projects. You could choose between metal and wood. We have presented you with a complete guide with the pros, cons, features, and among others. All these points will help you see the panorama much better. You will have a variety of products in this guide to find what meets all your expectations.


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