Best Saw To Cut Plywood: It’s Never Been So Easy to Cut Wood

Plywood is one of the materials that people often have in their homes for many reasons. This is because it is a beautiful material and will last you a long time. There are too many saw out there and you need to find the best saw to cut plywood.

This tool gives you a modern look and feel, and at the same time rustic. The good thing about this material is that it is cheap, and you can find it anywhere.

Because many people love this type of material, you must find the best saw to cut plywood. This tool can be used to create different pieces and cut them properly. There, the assembly process will be much easier and faster.

Top 9 BEST SAW TO CUT PLYWOOD To Use- Recommended Products

Table saws are an excellent option for you to use. However, other types of the saw will allow you to carry out this process without having a workshop. The best thing about this type of tool is that you can cut all kinds of material. You can cut studs, plates, and any wood.

In this article, you will learn everything you need to know prior to purchase. Thus, your purchase will be much more successful; you will find simpler methods to perform different precision cuts, among other relevant information. You can also find a buying guide that will give you the parameters to suit your needs. So, if you have plywood, this article will work for you.

What Does The Term Plywood Mean?

You may have wood, but you don’t know what type you have and how you should treat it. Don’t worry; plywood is a term that refers to a large number of sheets. These quantities have different combinations of wood, fibers, laminated veneer, among other particles.

How to cut plywood with a jigsaw:

Using a jigsaw to cut plywood is similar to using a skilled saw, and requires a little more finesse. Using a jigsaw effectively is an important skill for anyone involved in woodworking projects. Other Important Tips: Use a straight edge clamp to keep the piece of plywood from shifting. It’s possible to make cuts along the length of the board if you use a straight edge clamp

Cut plywood with a miter saw:

Cut plywood with a miter saw. Cut plywood to size using a miter saw. Miter saws are convenient, because they can be placed on work tables or other flat surfaces, and you can use them to cut both the long pieces of the frame and the short pieces. Assemble picture frame. Use wood glue and nails to assemble the picture frame. The frame will consist of two identical frames, each made of three parts: the top, middle, and bottom.

How to cut plywood at home without a saw?

If would you like to learn that, how to cut plywood at home without a saw then it’s for you. People are familiar with plywood as a material for construction and repair. Plywood is very useful and accessible for almost everyone. Today we will show you a simple and useful idea of how to cut plywood without a saw. You can use this method on your own or ask your friends for help. So, let’s start. You will need some tools: a table saw, circular saw, drill, screws, and saw-tooth picture hangers.

What is the best way to cut plywood?

It is important to understand that the best way to cut plywood is based on its use. I cannot tell you how many projects I have seen ruined because someone didn’t know how to cut plywood properly. The first thing you need to do is to determine if your plywood is a face or edge grain. Many times, you will be able to tell by the price.

The best way to use a jigsaw is for cutting plywood:

The cutting action is stronger than that of a circular saw or handsaw. This type of cutting leaves little need for sanding afterward. Other uses for a jigsaw include cutting rebar (up to 3/8 inch diameter), steel cable, nails, or screws. Cutting small-diameter tubing is another job well suited for the jigsaw. The accuracy of the jigsaw makes it suitable for cutting dovetails and other joinery.

How to cut plywood by hand?

Cutting plywood by hand is not an easy task. It requires extreme accuracy and attention to get the perfect cut. For this reason, using power tools like a circular saw is recommended. The method of marking your cut line is also important. You should choose one that best suits your skill level. If you plan to cut plywood by hand, you will need 1. Plywood 2. Speed square 3. Pencil 4.

The best tool for cutting plywood

ith the right blade, you can cut plywood in one pass. It’s quick and fast. It doesn’t leave any chipping, splintering, or burning on the wood. The saw blades are arranged, so they don’t touch each other, so there’s no chance of kickback. They are also made with tungsten carbide that cuts through the wood instead of pulling it apart.

Best Saw to Cut Plywood

You should treat this type of wood by generating movements with a cutting tool in the wood. Or, you can do it by carrying and moving the wood towards the cutting tool. Either of these two ways can serve you perfectly.

What instruments are used to cut plywood?

As we have mentioned previously in this article, the tool you will need is a lock. However, several types can work correctly for you. Read on to focus on looking for only these types of tools when choosing one for treating plywood.

TABLE SAW: This type of saw is integrated into a table. It also brings a sharp blade to make cuts in the wood quickly and in unique cuts. The tricky thing about this machine is the manipulation of the edge. It is since it has a measurement of 4 by 8 feet. Also, the plywood measures 3/4-inch and weighs around 70 to 100 pounds.

This type of tool will need supports and extension tables. These will help you frame the saw and support the blade. You will cut rectangular slots in a board to a piece of the same size.

CIRCULAR SAW: These types of saws are hand tools. It comes with a built-in blade that will help you make the cuts in the plywood. Generally, the plywood blade is placed on two parallel trestles to allow cutting. Simultaneously, the guide of the saw must follow the line that you should have drawn previously.

VERTICAL PLATE SAW: The vertical plate saw has a frame containing the wood, very similar to the circular saw. Also, this includes a guide that goes through the middle of it. The incredible thing about this option is that this type of saw does not take up much space than others. Plus, you may need less room when you decide to do the full cut.

These types of saws offer rough cuts. However, many of these tools provide the possibility of having a variety of interchangeable cutting tools. For example, floating router, floating saw, and even a razor, among others.

Hole Pro – Twin Blade Adjustable Pro Hole Saw Cutter

The Hole Pro saw will help you replace any hole punch type and generate faster cuts in the plywood. This tool gives you security, and you can move it quickly thanks to its size. The Hole Pro tool allows you to drill oversized holes even in plywood.

The Hole Pro manufacturer offers you an extended guarantee to solve some types of problems during your use. You will be around five years old when purchased directly from the supplier.

You can drill holes wherever you want, even in solid materials. To be able to perform wood or thick materials, it will most likely take around 30 minutes. If you are your homeowner and have projects with wood constantly, this tool will ultimately serve you.


  • When used, it gives you a depth of cut, and you can cut from both sides.
  • Forget about balance beams; you do not need them.
  • It incorporates an ABS protector mounted on ball cushions.
  • The Hole Pro gives you a sturdy carrying case.
  • The set of blades can be replaceable.
  • It has a deep control knob that helps reduce any accidents.


  • It would help if you did not use it with bolt bits under any circumstances.
  • It would be best if you always used it with a pilot bit.

Product 2: JessEm 04301 Clear-Cut TS Stock Guides

The installation of clear JessEm action guides gives you excellent functionality. In addition, they give you the possibility to configure it depending on the thickness of the wood that you are going to cut. Its structure allows you to securely hold the table and the guide so that you can easily adjust it at the same time. This to avoid any interference with the material you are going to cut.

Several characteristics that define JessEm products are the design, materials, quality, and craftsmanship. These products are recommended wherever you go; you will have a saw at an excellent price, and excellent for your projects.


  • It has an impressive construction.
  • Bring the built-in materials for easy installation.
  • You can easily configure the guide.
  • The angle allows the roller to hold more tightly.


  • The included decals may be a bit difficult to peel off.

Product 3: Kreg KMA3700 ACCU-Cut XL

If you are looking for precision cuts, Kreg provides them without any inconvenience. You may need an extra person to help you install and fix the part if you don’t want to worry too much.

You can break entire sheets of plywood by converting this tool to a guided cut saw. You will have the ability to give all your projects straight cuts without splintering any material of your work.

This type of saw stands firm thanks to an aluminum track with the exact length you need. You will have simplified jobs when using this Accu-Cut XL. You will finally find the quality that you were always looking for.


  • It will help you get precise cuts and as straight as you want.
  • Your cuts will not cause any splinters in the wood.
  • Caterpillars will guide your cuts.
  • You can transport the saw wherever you want, in a fast way.
  • You can connect and remove it to a circular saw.


  • You could have a misalignment from not following the instructions well.
  • You will have to invest in other types of materials if you want to avoid something you do not like.

Product 4: Hole Pro X-148 1-7/8″ to 6″ TWIN BLADE ADJUSTABLE Hole Saw Cutter Cuts Plywood

These types of saws will serve you for all kinds of projects, including those of DIY. You can place it anywhere without any complications, from a hall, in the kitchen, and even in the hall. In addition, this tool will serve you even in drywall ceiling projects, among others.

You must practice your piercing before you do it on your work material. The astonishing thing about this tool is that it gives you an adjustable hole to use it in any diameter. The built-in dust cover helps you reduce this but does not eradicate it.


  • It will give you a double sheet that you can easily adjust.
  • It is made with high quality materials such as fiberglass.
  • You will have speed in your cuts, security, and above all, functionality.
  • Your cuts will be much more profound than with other tools.
  • You will eliminate the balance bars.
  • Forget about accidental cuts.


  • You will have to purchase a vacuum adapter.
  • It would help if you did not use bolt bits.
  • It is not that sharp.

Product 5: The X-305 hole saw a model of 1-7/8″ to 12″ with twin adjustable blade by Hole Pro

With Hole Pro, you can cut all the holes even in the hardest woods you have in your possession. The Hole Pro is not like the conventional cutters you find on the market. The excellent thing about this product is that it is not expensive compared to other brands, and it will give you even better quality.

This cutter has a double blade to allow you to make better use of the torque it provides. Your other tools will only have to exert a force that is not extreme at all. Your blades will never change; this means that they will not give you friction at any time.

These types of Hole Pro products give you excellent reviews so you can have confidence in using them. This hole saw helps apply the pressure needed to keep blades intact even in severe cuts. You will not have to adjust the edges again, and they will stay in place. However, if you need it, you could easily change them.


  • It does not exert friction at any time.
  • The frictional resistance will resist regardless of the size of the hole you are designing.
  • The price is quite affordable.
  • It is an adjustable cutter that provides precision.
  • Your blades will stay sharp despite the passage of time.


  • You may have to exert a little more force than with other tools.

Product 6: Hole Pro X-230+ 1-7/8″ to 9-1/4″ TWIN BLADE ADJUSTABLE Pro Hole Saw Cutter Cuts Plywood

Hole Pro gives you a fully functional tool at a reasonable price. You will have a quality saw that will last you a good time as if it were new. One quality is that it has a well-thought-out casing, so it gives you functionality.

Remember, with this tool; it is imperative to check the size of the cut. Simply put, you should make sure the cutters are within pilot/centering bit distance. You can cut clean and even perfect circles in all kinds of materials. Read the instructions well to be able to use them in a better way.


  • You can make quick cuts while providing precision.
  • It is precisely sized to make holes.
  • It gives you depth in every cut you make.
  • You should not purchase balance beams under any circumstances.
  • I will give you a case to transport it.
  • Don’t worry about accidental cuts, and you won’t have them.


  • You will need to purchase a chuck for better performance.
  • It is best to test to fit the machine before using it on your material.

Product 7: The KMA2700 Accu-Cut 48-Inch with a precision edge by Kreg

The Kreg Accu-Cut will give you the rip cuts you absolutely need. These cuts will be transverse up to 24 inches. Thanks to its guide, it will allow you to have the necessary precision for all the projects you undertake. Forget about the cuts that could ruin your projects.

The great thing about this brand is that there are videos on how to use this tool anywhere. You can make different types of constructions with the help of Accu-Cut. They are easy to use and will work on most projects you undertake with plywood. In addition, you will have an easy tool to assemble and use.


  • You will not have saw marks on the edge of your wood.
  • You will have perfectly aligned sides.
  • Your cuts are straight and precise.
  • It has a user-friendly design.
  • You will have a tool that is above average.


  • A piece of rigid insulating foam might be a good idea.
  • You will not be able to make full 96-inch cuts.

Product 8: The WX051 Pegasus Multi-Function by WORX

The Pegasus tool is designed to satisfy its users. This tool is designed with cutting-edge technology to provide you with the quality that you were looking for. This supplier develops tools above conventional quality standards. You can have a tool designed with quality and to last for an extended period.

You don’t need to worry about the quality. The molded ABS develops these tools. This allows you to have reliable supports that can support your steel materials and accessories with ease. It also has a design that must be compact so that you can easily store it anywhere.


  • You can work with materials up to 300 pounds without ruining your tool.
  • By design, you will have a much more robust and high quality tool.
  • You can easily transport it thanks to its weight and its design.
  • You can store it easily and fast.
  • Take it easy in your car wherever you want
  • Designed to have quality, and that you can have it for an extended period.


  • It has no guarantee.

Product 9: DEWALT ATOMIC 20V MAX Circular Saw

The Dewalt tool helps you create methods in which you can cut quickly and precisely. You won’t have to waste a long day trying to cut all kinds of material you have. You will not lose your way fast; on the contrary, all your cuts will be precise.

These tools provide a great concept of the Dewalt brand. This saw will meet your expectations, whether you are a beginner or even an expert. You will not regret your purchase; on the contrary; you will feel that you have given an innovation point to your projects that you are about to start.


  • It has a patented design to cut even thick wood.
  • You will have an easy tool to load and carry.
  • You can change the sheets without any inconvenience.
  • Remove the auxiliary handle so that you can control the tool much more comfortable.


  • You will have to recharge the batteries regularly.
  • It does not include any type of led light.

BUYING GUIDE: What to look and know before purchasing

Knowing exactly what to look for when cutting plywood can save you time and money. This will serve you even more if you have not bought anything since you will be prepared for what you need. Continue reading some of the aspects to consider BEFORE you buy a saw to cut plywood.

1. Find the correct blade and use it properly

Blades play an important role when you want to cut plywood. It should not be a surprise that the edge is in this state. The blade generally comes with your type of saw. However, it may not give you the cuts you are primarily looking for.

When you want to work on hardwoods and blade products, you need to upgrade the blade type, or you can make sure you buy a tool with the correct one. When using circular saws, you better have a carbide-tipped blade; these will help you cut all the plywood you want.

For table and miter saws, invest in an 80 TPI plywood blade, one designed for cross cuts (miter saw) or ripping (table saw). Make sure your plywood is oriented so that the edge comes out of the wood on the good side.

2. Find zero tolerance, so you do not go to zero

Do you want clean cuts? I hope the answer is yes. Indeed, it should be yes. The best thing you can do to get them is to use a zero headroom insert. This will help close the gap around the blade in the throat plate or shoe.

This is important even on a table saw. You can also easily purchase a blank aftermarket insert. This will help you immensely to get a clean cut in the plywood. Instead, for the circular saw, a thin piece of pressed wood or compressed hardboard might work for you in the shoe of your saw. Thus, you only have to lower the blade to cut a free zero slot.

3. Find something to support the wood on

When you buy plywood, it usually comes in 4 ‘x 8’ sheets. These measurements are complicated to cut with any tool, even saws. Due to the size, this makes it challenging to keep the sheet flat on the table or bench and simultaneously pressed against the fence.

This means that you will need help. The best option is to find a tool that has or uses a roller stand or saw horse to keep things flat. You can buy them separately if you want.

You can concentrate on pushing the wood or the saw at a constant forward speed by having support, obtaining a cleaner and straighter cut. If possible, you could use a circular saw to divide large-bladed items into manageable pieces and then focus on cutting the finished edge.

4. Power

Always remember when you go to buy a saw, the higher the power in the motor, the less chance that the wood will splinter or damage. When you cut plywood, if the power is not that high, you might get jams, as the wood is usually very hard or very thick.

Starrett ProSite Miter Saw Protractor

In case you want to use the circular saw for plywood and MDF, a 1,200-watt circular saw is a good alternative, and you will have no difficulty making the cuts. Models with a power greater than 1,500 W are indicated for more challenging and thicker woods, such as solid wood.

5. Adjusting the cutting angle

Some saws, mostly circular ones, allow you to choose the inclination angle to make your cut. This angle can generally go up to 45 degrees. If you can configure the cutting angle, you can make more precise cuts necessary for plywood. These angles could vary, and some are already established, between 15, 30, and even 45 degrees.

6. Depth of cut

You need to know what is the depth of cut that your tool has. This is important because if you have to work in a thick wood, it may not get through. The cutting disc should be a few millimeters beyond the thickness of the material to be cut. For example, if you are cutting wood up to 3 cm thick, choose a circular saw with a depth of cut of at least 4 cm.

7. Blade Thickness

This type of point is essential when you buy a saw. The thickness of the blade will directly impact the performance of the tool. This generates a direct impact on flexibility, maneuverability, and even tooth geometry. The thicker your edge, the operation you are performing will be much more rigid, and you will have greater precision.

8. Grip

If you are going to buy a hand tool, you must make sure that the saw has a resistant and, above all, comfortable handle. The handle helps to obtain excellent precision and control of the tool. Also, make sure that the handle matches your hands’ size; if you buy one that is too large, you may not have the ability to hold it all together.

9. Durability

A saw that will only last you to cut little wood and will not work for you for a short time. Nobody likes to have a tool, and that after a few uses, it gets ruined. That is why you should look for tools that last a long time and that have a solid base and positive reviews on all products.

10. Price

Price and budget are essential. You will need to know how much money you need to spend to aim for quality. However, it is best to focus on quality first, no matter how much money you have to pay.

Consider Teeth per Inch (TPI) – Why Is It Important?

For cutting plywood, an excellent option is the hand saw. This one has a blade and a handle and is perfect for its ragged edges. However, you must consider the teeth you have per inch. They generally have teeth between 1 and 32 teeth per inch.

When a saw has 1 to 7 TPI, it is said to have coarse tooth blades. These blades usually cut wood with much fewer blows than others. This means that you must be much more careful because you could break the wood in a fast way

The other option is when the TPI is greater than 10. This type of saw is fine-toothed, which means that they need more blows to cut the wood. The advantage of these is that they allow you to control the cut better, so you will have a smooth edge.

Consider your User Skill Level Needed

Skill level can go a long way in whether you do an excellent job on your veneer. Many people are not familiar with some tools, which may not give the best finish to your plywood projects. When choosing an instrument you are not aware of, you should practice before doing it in a better way.

 Frequently Asked Question: Best Saw To Cut Plywood

What kind of saw makes curved cuts in plywood?

All the cuts in the plywood are straight, so it’s probably a circular saw. Just in case, though, check that your blade is in good shape and that the teeth are in the right direction. I’d also make sure the depth-of-cut lever is set to the desired cut depth. They usually come with two different depths, 1/4″ or 3/8″.

How do you cut a 4×8 sheet of plywood with a circular saw?

Cutting plywood with a circular saw is pretty straightforward. The most important thing to know is that you should always cut along the edge of your plywood sheet rather than in the middle. If you try to cut through the center, your circular saw will get jammed up by all the twists and turns in the wood’s grain pattern.

How many teeth should a circular saw plywood blade have?

Most circular saws will come with a blade that has 22 to 24 teeth. The number of teeth does not determine the speed at which the cutting action takes place. Instead, it is an indication of how quickly the cut will be made. If you are using a blade with more teeth, it can be useful if you need to make intricate cuts on thin pieces of wood or metal. However, it should be noted that this blade will have less durability than one with fewer teeth.

Wrapping Up

Plywood can be easily and quickly treated as long as you find the best saw to cut plywood. You must consider the depth of cut, the TPI, the type of saw, and even the type of blade it has. When you think of all of these steps, the process of cutting all the wood you need will be much easier.

In this guide, you can find the relevant information you were looking for. Read on to learn a little more about these types of saw and what you can achieve by choosing the right tool.


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