How to join 4×4 wood | Best Two Process

People love to decorate their house, and wooden materials are the first choice for them. However, besides the decoration in some situations, we have to think about safety. Such as to make a dining table, stair railing, balcony railing, etc. In making all these things, Wood enhances the beauty and ensures safety.


Today we are speaking about how to join 4×4 wood. This is a standard post size. We must remember the 4X4 post is very strong to use vertically and used in railing but not that much secure to use it as a beam.

People use many processes and formats to connect the posts together. Here we explain the best two strong and popular methods for joining posts. First, we will explain the tools that we need to do the task; after that, we explain the joining system.How to join 4x4 wood


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The process how to join 4×4 wood:

1. Connect posts using brackets:

Necessary Tools: 

· Two 4X4 wood post

· 4X4 brackets

· Glue

· 2” Decking screws

· Screw guns

· Pencil.

Step-1 Check the basement: We consider the beam as our basement. First, check the beam where we want to set the posts. We must check the head and measure its size. For a beam, the standard size is 6×6. So, we assume that the beam size is 6 by 6. 

Step-2 Set the brackets: Secondly, we set the brackets on the beam’s one side and mark the screw points with a pencil. Similarly, mark the other side as well. After that, set the bracket again and filling 2” decking screws with screw gun on the mark points.

Step-3 connect the posts: Finally, we set the two 4 by 4 posts on the beam and Align them properly. Now, filling 2” decking screws with screw gun at both sides of the posts.

This is how we can connect 4×4 posts together with brackets. 

2. Connect two posts with nuts and bolts: 

Necessary Tools: 

· Two 4X4 wood post

· Miter Saw and 18degree protractor

· 5”/6” Nut bolts and washers

· Drill machine and wrench

· Small kneeling brush

· Pencil and sandpaper 

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Step-1. Measure the post for cutting: How to join 4×4 wood

In this process, we can joint independently two posts without using any basement. To do this process, we have to take measures for cutting both posts from the end sides. Use an 18 degree protractor and set a 30 degree or 25 degree angle on both posts and mark a point. Now make a line on the points from one side to another side. 

Step-2. Cut the posts: 

After making the angles with Pencil, now we have to use the miter saw to make angels at the posts. Set the posts vice-versa. Remember, two angles size must be equal to 4×4 post size. Now sand the cutting surface for smoothing.

Step-3. Drill for nuts and bolts: 

Here, we set the posts angle head to another angel head vice versa, and it will look one long post. Now use a drill machine to make three holes for nuts and bolts. The holes intersect into the angel parts of both posts at the same point. From the top, it looks like one hole though there are two posts so that each nut and bolt could connect the two posts strongly.

Step-4. Joint the posts: 

Put the bolts and keep washers immediately before nuts into the holes. Then make use of a wrench to tighten the thread as much as you can. 

This is how we can connect 4×4 posts together with nuts and bolts.

Joining Two Pieces Of Wood At 90 Degrees

When joining two pieces of wood at a 90-degree angle, it’s important to use a hardwood board that’s at least 4×4. This will provide the necessary strength and stability for the beam connection. To create the joint, first cut the lumber to size and then use a drill to create pilot holes.

Next, insert carriage bolts into the holes and tighten them until the joint is secure. Finally, use a piece of wood or metal to create an obtuse angle so that the joint is reinforced. By following these steps, you can ensure that your wood joinery is strong and long-lasting.

How do you make a half-lap joint on a 4×4?

A half-lap joint is a type of lapped joint where the two pieces of lumber are not edged to edge, but rather overlap each other by half their thickness.

There are many ways to create a half-lap joint on a 4×4. One way would be to use a router with a special bit, or you could use a saw blade specially designed for creating half-lap joints. Another way would be to use a hand saw or chisel to cut out the waste wood between the two boards.

Finally, if you don’t want to make the joint by hand, you can use an electric drill with a lag bolt or structural screw.

What is the strongest way to join two pieces of wood?

The strongest way to join two pieces of wood is by using a flat surface and a lag screw.

First, drill a pilot hole in the middle of the flat surface that will be used as the joining point. Next, place the two pieces of wood that you want to join side-by-side on top of the flat surface. Make sure that the pieces are flush against each other. Now, use a drill bit that is slightly smaller than the diameter of the lag screw to drill into each piece of wood.

Finally, insert the lag screw into the pilot hole and tighten it until it’s secure.

What size hole is needed for a 4×4 fence post?

A 4×4 fence post should have a hole that is at least 5-1/2 inches in diameter and 8 inches deep. If you are using a 90-degree angle, make sure to use a caliper to measure the width of your lumber so you can drill the proper size hole.

When drilling the hole, it is important to use a type of wood that is weather resistant, such as cedar or treated lumber. You may also want to prime and paint your fence posts to help protect them from the elements.

Can you put 6ft fence panels in 4ft posts?

Yes, you can put 6ft fence panels in 4ft posts, but the connection will not be as strong as if you use a dowel joint or a butt joint. A butt joint is the strongest connection because it creates a solid, wooden “beam” across the two posts. A dowel joint is also strong and secure, but less bulky than a butt joint. If you use connectors or screws to join the fence panels to the posts, make sure that they are galvanized or stainless steel so that they do not corrode over time.


It is a prevalent task all over the world. If you work to make stairs railing, balcony railing, yurt platform, and wooden house, you need to know how to connect two 4X4 posts together. You will face this issue. I hope this article supports you in getting a good understanding of this topic.


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