How To Remove Nails From Wood? The Ultimate Guideline

Do you want to know about how to remove nails from wood. Follow this post to know more about removing nails from wood.

Removing buried nails from wood is one of the most painful tasks for sure, but also it depends on the nail size.

However, for repairing, refurbishing, and repairing wooden furniture, floors, walls, and other surfaces, we have to do it carefully. Otherwise, you will not get a perfect finish.

Unlike screws, nails do not have any large grooved head. As a result, it becomes tougher to remove nails. So you need to know how to remove buried nails from wood without damaging wood, floor, wall, or surface.

Nails Removing From Wood

Method One: Try and remove the nail in this instance because it requires no extra tools would be to wedge the claw into the body of the nail, tight against the timber, and twist the head from left to right instead of the normal straight forward method, to pull the nail out.

It might take a couple of attempts for the nail to come out, first turning to the left, then re-gripping the nail lower down and twisting to the right, back and forth, but it will come out eventually. The head of your hammer will dig into the timber unless you put a piece of scrap in between – important if the work piece will be visible afterward.

Method Two: Protecting the surface.

Rest the hammer on a small block to protect finished surfaces. For a straight pull, size the block so the pivot point close to the nail as possible.

Place a block of scrap wood under the hammerhead to protect delicate surfaces. The block also gives the hammer claw better leverage, so you can often rock the hammer directly back on its head rather than sideways but not always. Use this straight pull only on nails that come out easily and not driven deeply. Otherwise, you could break a wooden-handled hammer.

This method will require you to have a nail set, extra wood or block, hammer.

Method Three: The use of a pry bar.

The pry bar is much preferred for dismantling purposes. Just like the claw hammer, it has a fissure that is good for removing nails.

Use of pry bar requires you to do it step by step:

Step 1: Prepare your pry bar and a hammer for support. Then, locate a nail that you want to take out.

Step 2: Position the pry bar on the surface where the nail head lies.

Step 3: With the use of a hammer, simply knock out the pry bar to help it bury onto the side of the nail head.

Step 4: Once you have the nail head exposed, insert it between the fissures, and pull the nail out with a strong jolt.

This method will require you to have a Pry bar, and more effort is required too.

When removing a nail from wood, you need to be extra careful to avoid injuries; some methods will require you to have an extra tool and extra energy too.

The method you will be used to remove the nail depends on what tool you want to use, and if you are trying not to damage the wood surface.


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