Find out Why Experts Are Raving About the Versatile Grizzly Table Saw Go771Z

The Grizzly Table Saw Go771Z is a versatile and reliable tool for your woodworking needs. With its powerful motor and precise cutting capabilities, this table saw is perfect for both professional and DIY projects.

Whether you are working with hardwood or softwood, this saw provides a smooth and clean cut every time. Its advanced features, such as the built-in blade guard and anti-kickback pawls, ensure safety while using the tool. Additionally, the portable design makes it easy to transport and set up on any job site.

Experience the efficiency and convenience of the Grizzly Table Saw Go771Z for all your woodworking tasks.

Overview & Features Of Grizzly Table Saw Go771Z

The Grizzly Table Saw Go771Z offers a range of impressive features, making it a top choice for woodworking enthusiasts. With its powerful motor and precision cutting ability, this table saw ensures efficient and accurate results for any project.

Powerful Motor And High Cutting Capacity

  • The Grizzly Table Saw Go771Z boasts a powerful motor that provides ample strength to tackle even the toughest cutting tasks.
  • With its 2HP motor, this table saw delivers exceptional cutting performance, allowing you to effortlessly slice through a variety of materials.
  • Equipped with a maximum cutting capacity of 3-1/8 inches at 90 degrees and 2-1/4 inches at 45 degrees, this table saw ensures versatility and precision in your woodworking projects.
  • The powerful motor and high cutting capacity of the Grizzly Table Saw Go771Z make it a reliable tool for both professional and DIY enthusiasts.

Sturdy Construction And Durability

  • Crafted with a heavy-duty steel stand and cast-iron table, the Grizzly Table Saw Go771Z guarantees long-lasting durability.
  • Its sturdy construction minimizes vibrations during cutting, resulting in smoother and more accurate cuts.
  • The cast-iron table provides stability and support, allowing you to work with confidence, while the steel stand ensures the table saw remains firmly in place.
  • Designed to withstand regular use in workshops, this table saw is built to last, making it a valuable investment for any woodworking enthusiast.

Safety Features For User Protection

  • The Grizzly Table Saw Go771Z prioritizes user safety with a range of innovative features.
  • An easy-to-access emergency stop switch provides quick shutdown in case of emergencies, ensuring your well-being.
  • The riving knife and blade guard promote safe operation by preventing kickback and shielding the user from potential injuries.
  • The anti-kickback pawls offer additional protection by preventing wood from being forcefully thrown back at the operator.
  • With these safety features in place, the Grizzly Table Saw Go771Z ensures a secure and worry-free woodworking experience.

The Grizzly Table Saw Go771Z is an exceptional tool that combines power, versatility, durability, and safety features. Its powerful motor and high cutting capacity make it suitable for various woodworking projects, while the sturdy construction ensures stability and accuracy. With safety features such as an emergency stop switch, riving knife, blade guard, and anti-kickback pawls, this table saw prioritizes user protection.

Whether you are a professional or a DIY enthusiast, the Grizzly Table Saw Go771Z is a reliable and valuable addition to any workshop.

Performance And Precision Of Grizzly Table Saw Go771Z

Experience exceptional performance and precision with the Grizzly Table Saw Go771Z. This top-of-the-line table saw combines power, accuracy, and reliability for outstanding woodworking results.

Are you tired of struggling with your old, unreliable table saw? Look no further than the Grizzly Table Saw Go771Z. This powerhouse of a saw is built to deliver exceptional performance and precision, making it the perfect tool for all your woodworking needs.

Whether you’re a professional carpenter or a DIY enthusiast, this table saw will take your cutting experience to the next level. Let’s delve into the incredible features that set the Grizzly Table Saw Go771Z apart from the rest:

Smooth And Accurate Cutting:

  • Powerful 2 HP motor ensures smooth and consistent cutting performance.
  • Razor-sharp blade with a large cutting capacity for tackling even the toughest materials.
  • Sturdy cast iron table provides stability and vibration-free operation.
  • Advanced anti-kickback system for increased safety during operation.
  • State-of-the-art blade guard with a clear shield for optimal visibility while cutting.

Adjustable Rip Fence For Precise Measurements:

  • The Grizzly Table Saw Go771Z is equipped with an adjustable rip fence that allows for precise and accurate measurements.
  • Quick-release feature facilitates easy positioning of the fence, saving you valuable time and effort.
  • The fence glides smoothly along the table, ensuring consistent parallel cuts.
  • Enhance your woodworking projects with perfectly straight and well-aligned cuts every time.

Mitre Gauge For Angled Cuts:

  • The table saw comes with a mitre gauge that enables you to make precise angled cuts effortlessly.
  • The mitre gauge offers a wide range of cutting angles, allowing you to create intricate designs and bevels.
  • Its robust construction ensures stability and accuracy during angled cuts.
  • Achieve professional-level craftsmanship with ease using the Grizzly Table Saw Go771Z’s mitre gauge.

With the Grizzly Table Saw Go771Z, you can expect nothing less than exceptional performance and precision. Its smooth and accurate cutting, adjustable rip fence, and mitre gauge for angled cuts make it the ultimate woodworking companion. Upgrade your workshop with this top-of-the-line table saw and experience the joy of creating flawless projects effortlessly.

Ease Of Use And Convenience With Grizzly Table Saw Go771Z

Experience ultimate ease of use and unmatched convenience with the Grizzly Table Saw Go771Z. This high-performing saw boasts user-friendly features that prioritize efficiency and precision, making it a must-have tool for any woodworking enthusiast.

Using the Grizzly Table Saw Go771Z is a breeze thanks to its user-friendly features and convenient design. Let’s delve into the key aspects that make this table saw easy to assemble and operate, as well as its efficient dust collection system for maintaining a clean workspace.

Easy Setup And Assembly

  • Setting up the Grizzly Table Saw Go771Z is a hassle-free process, allowing you to get to work quickly.
  • The included user manual provides clear instructions that are easy to follow, ensuring a smooth assembly experience.
  • The table saw comes partially assembled, saving you valuable time and effort.
  • Its intuitive design and sturdy construction enable you to complete the setup without any professional assistance, making it ideal for both beginners and experienced woodworkers.
  • With user-friendly features and straightforward components, the Go771Z offers a seamless setup process.

Quick Blade Changes And Adjustments

  • The Grizzly Table Saw Go771Z allows for swift blade changes, maximizing your productivity and efficiency.
  • The tool-less blade guard system enables you to switch out blades effortlessly, reducing downtime during projects.
  • The saw’s quick-release riving knife and blade guard ensure fast and easy adjustments, without the need for additional tools.
  • Its smooth adjustment mechanisms allow for precise cuts, ensuring accuracy and enhancing the user experience.
  • Whether you need to switch blades for different materials or make quick adjustments during a project, the Go771Z simplifies the process, saving you valuable time.

Dust Collection System For Cleaner Workspace

  • The Go771Z features a highly efficient dust collection system, keeping your workspace cleaner and safer.
  • Its integrated dust port collects the majority of sawdust, minimizing cleanup and maintaining a tidy working environment.
  • The collection system effectively captures the debris, preventing it from spreading throughout your workshop and reducing the need for frequent cleanups.
  • A cleaner workspace enhances visibility, ensuring accurate cuts and reducing the risk of accidents caused by debris and obstructed views.
  • With the Go771Z’s dust collection system, you can focus on your projects while maintaining a clean and organized workspace.

The Grizzly Table Saw Go771Z excels in ease of use and convenience, with its easy setup and assembly, quick blade changes and adjustments, and efficient dust collection system. By prioritizing user-friendly features, this table saw enhances your woodworking experience while ensuring a safer and cleaner workspace.

Comparisons With Other Table Saws

The Grizzly Table Saw Go771Z stands out amongst other table saws due to its superior performance, precision, and durability. With its advanced features and cutting-edge design, it is the top choice for professional woodworkers and DIY enthusiasts alike.

Grizzly Table Saw Go771Z vs. DeWalt DWE7491RS:

When it comes to comparing the Grizzly Table Saw Go771Z and the DeWalt DWE7491RS, there are a few key factors to consider. Let’s take a closer look:

  • Motor Power:
  • Grizzly Table Saw Go771Z: Boasting a powerful 2 HP motor, the Go771Z can handle tough cutting tasks with ease.
  • DeWalt DWE7491RS: With a slightly higher motor power of 3 HP, the DWE7491RS delivers impressive performance for demanding woodworking projects.
  • Blade Size and Cutting Capacity:
  • Grizzly Table Saw Go771Z: Equipped with a 10-inch blade and a maximum cutting depth of 3-1/8 inches, the Go771Z offers ample cutting capacity for various applications.
  • DeWalt DWE7491RS: Featuring a 10-inch blade as well, the DWE7491RS is capable of achieving a maximum cutting depth of 3-1/8 inches, matching the Go771Z in this aspect.
  • Fence Design and Accuracy:
  • Grizzly Table Saw Go771Z: The Go771Z comes with a T-shaped fence design that ensures precise and stable cuts, providing excellent accuracy for your woodworking projects.
  • DeWalt DWE7491RS: With a rack and pinion fence system, the DWE7491RS offers fast and accurate adjustments, enabling you to achieve consistent and reliable cuts.
  • Portability and Mobility:
  • Grizzly Table Saw Go771Z: Designed with mobility in mind, the Go771Z features built-in wheels for easy transportation around your workspace.
  • DeWalt DWE7491RS: Similarly, the DWE7491RS is equipped with a rolling stand that allows for effortless mobility, making it suitable for job sites and workshops.

Grizzly Table Saw Go771Z vs. Bosch 4100-09:

When comparing the Grizzly Table Saw Go771Z to the Bosch 4100-09, there are notable differences that can influence your decision. Let’s explore:

  • Price and Value:
  • Grizzly Table Saw Go771Z: With its competitive price tag, the Go771Z offers excellent value for money, providing reliable performance at an affordable price.
  • Bosch 4100-09: While slightly pricier, the 4100-09 from Bosch offers some advanced features and enhanced build quality that may justify its higher cost for professionals or enthusiasts seeking premium performance.
  • Safety Features:
  • Grizzly Table Saw Go771Z: The Go771Z comes equipped with a riving knife and anti-kickback pawls, prioritizing safety during operation.
  • Bosch 4100-09: With its smart guard system, the 4100-09 by Bosch enhances safety by providing protection against blade contact and kickback incidents.
  • Dust Collection:
  • Grizzly Table Saw Go771Z: This table saw features a dust port for efficient dust collection, helping to keep your workspace clean and reducing airborne particles.
  • Bosch 4100-09: The 4100-09 is equipped with a gravity-rise stand that also serves as a convenient storage solution for the table saw, making cleanup and dust management a breeze.

Grizzly Table Saw Go771Z vs. Powermatic PM1000:

When it comes to comparing the Grizzly Table Saw Go771Z and the Powermatic PM1000, there are some key aspects to consider. Let’s delve into the details:

  • Precision and Performance:
  • Grizzly Table Saw Go771Z: With its sturdy construction and accurate cutting capability, the Go771Z provides reliable performance for woodworking tasks.
  • Powermatic PM1000: Recognized for its exceptional precision and smooth operation, the PM1000 delivers professional-grade results. Crafted with high-quality components, it is built to handle demanding projects.
  • Dust Collection and Efficiency:
  • Grizzly Table Saw Go771Z: Featuring a dust port and compatibility with various dust collection systems, the Go771Z helps maintain a clean and efficient work environment.
  • Powermatic PM1000: Equipped with an integrated dust collection system, the PM1000 minimizes dust buildup and promotes efficient sawdust removal, resulting in a cleaner and more productive workspace.
  • Safety Features:
  • Grizzly Table Saw Go771Z: The Go771Z prioritizes safety with features like a riving knife, blade guard, and anti-kickback pawls, providing a secure cutting experience.
  • Powermatic PM1000: Similarly, the PM1000 incorporates safety measures such as a blade guard, riving knife, and anti-kickback device, ensuring safe operation for woodworkers.

The Grizzly Table Saw Go771Z, DeWalt DWE7491RS, Bosch 4100-09, and Powermatic PM1000 each offer unique features and advantages. Consider your specific woodworking needs, budget, and preferences when deciding which table saw best suits your requirements. Happy woodworking!

Pros And Cons Of Grizzly Table Saw Go771Z

The Grizzly Table Saw Go771Z offers powerful cutting capabilities and precise performance for woodworking projects. Some pros include its robust motor and accurate fence system, while cons may include its heavy weight and higher price compared to other models. Overall, it provides a reliable option for professional woodworkers seeking high-quality results.

Grizzly Table Saw Go771Z is a versatile tool that has gained popularity among DIY enthusiasts and professional woodworkers alike. Its advanced features and precision cutting capabilities make it a sought-after choice in the market. However, like any other product, it also has its set of advantages and limitations.

In this section, we will explore the pros and cons of using Grizzly Table Saw Go771Z.

Advantages Of Using Grizzly Table Saw Go771Z:

  • Power and Performance: The Grizzly Table Saw Go771Z boasts a powerful motor that delivers efficient cutting performance, enabling users to handle a wide range of woodworking projects with ease.
  • Precision Cutting: This table saw is equipped with a high-quality blade and a precise fence system, allowing for accurate and clean cuts. Woodworkers can achieve smooth finishes and precise dimensions, enhancing the overall quality of their work.
  • Safety Features: Grizzly has prioritized safety by incorporating essential features into the Go771Z. With a well-designed blade guard, anti-kickback pawls, and a riving knife, users can work confidently, minimizing the risk of accidents or injuries.
  • Durability and Stability: Built to last, the Grizzly Table Saw Go771Z is constructed using sturdy materials, ensuring long-term durability. Additionally, its robust build provides stability during operation, reducing vibrations and enhancing overall control.

Limitations And Potential Drawbacks:

  • Size and Portability: The Go771Z is a full-sized table saw, which means it can take up significant space in your workshop. Its heavyweight makes it less portable compared to smaller, more compact models.
  • Noise and Dust: As with most table saws, the Go771Z can generate considerable noise during operation. Additionally, it produces a significant amount of wood dust, which necessitates effective dust collection systems or proper shop ventilation.
  • Learning Curve: This table saw comes with advanced features and functionalities, which may require some time for users to fully understand and master. Beginners might need to invest extra effort into learning the functions and adjusting to operating the Go771Z effectively.

The Grizzly Table Saw Go771Z offers a powerful and precise cutting experience, accompanied by essential safety features. It is a durable tool that delivers exceptional performance, ensuring accurate and clean cuts. However, its size and weight may pose challenges for those with limited workshop space or a need for portability.

Additionally, users should be prepared to learn and adapt to the saw’s advanced features. Despite the limitations, its advantages make the Grizzly Table Saw Go771Z a valuable addition to any woodworking setup.

Grizzly Table Saw Go771Z


Safety Precautions And Guidelines For Grizzly Table Saw Go771Z

Discover how to ensure safety while using the Grizzly Table Saw Go771Z with these essential precautions and guidelines. Protect yourself and use the table saw effectively by following these expert recommendations.

The Grizzly Table Saw Go771Z is a powerful tool that can greatly enhance your woodworking projects. However, it is important to prioritize safety when using this equipment. Here are some safety precautions and guidelines to ensure a secure and accident-free experience:

Proper Handling Of The Saw:

  • Maintain a stable and level working surface to minimize the risk of tripping or losing control of the saw.
  • Before operating the saw, familiarize yourself with the user manual and understand the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Ensure that the saw’s blade is properly aligned and tightened before every use.
  • Always use both hands to grip the saw firmly and maintain control throughout the cutting process.
  • In case of emergencies or potential hazards, keep the power switch within easy reach for immediate shut-off.
  • Avoid distracting or risky behaviors such as wearing loose clothing or jewelry that could get caught in the saw’s moving parts.

Protective Gear And Equipment:

  • Wear safety glasses or goggles to protect your eyes from flying debris, especially when cutting through materials.
  • Utilize hearing protection, such as earmuffs or earplugs, to safeguard against excessive noise produced by the saw.
  • Consider wearing a dust mask to prevent inhalation of sawdust and other harmful particles.
  • Use a push stick or push block to maintain a safe distance from the blade while guiding and pushing the materials being cut.
  • Secure and stabilize the workpiece with clamps or other suitable devices to avoid sudden movements during the cutting process.

Maintenance And Safety Tips:

  • Inspect the saw’s components regularly, checking for any signs of wear or damage. Replace or repair worn-out parts promptly.
  • Keep the saw’s working area clean and free from clutter to prevent accidents caused by slipping or tripping.
  • Use the appropriate blade for the specific material you intend to cut, ensuring that it is sharp and in good condition.
  • Prioritize proper ventilation in your work area to minimize the accumulation of dust and fumes.
  • Avoid overloading the saw by forcing materials through the blade. Let the tool do the work at a suitable pace.
  • Never leave the saw unattended while it is still running. Always wait for the blade to come to a complete stop before walking away.

By following these safety precautions and guidelines, you can enjoy the benefits of using the Grizzly Table Saw Go771Z while minimizing the risk of accidents or injuries. Remember, prioritizing safety is crucial when working with power tools to ensure a productive and secure woodworking experience.

Customer Reviews And Feedback On Grizzly Table Saw Go771Z

Grizzly Table Saw Go771Z is highly praised by customers for its powerful performance and precise cutting. Users appreciate its durability and accurate results, making it a reliable choice for woodworking projects.

Grizzly Table Saw Go771Z: Customer Reviews And Feedback

Are you in the market for a powerful table saw that delivers exceptional performance? Look no further than the Grizzly Table Saw Go771Z. With its robust features and precision cutting abilities, this table saw has attracted numerous customers who are eager to share their experiences and feedback.

Read on to discover what customers have been saying about this impressive tool.

Positive Experiences And Satisfaction:

  • Smooth and accurate cuts: Customers have lauded the Grizzly Table Saw Go771Z for its ability to deliver smooth and precise cuts, allowing them to achieve professional-level results.
  • Powerful motor: The table saw’s powerful motor has been widely appreciated by customers as it enables them to tackle even the toughest materials effortlessly.
  • Durable build quality: Many customers have expressed their satisfaction with the sturdy build quality of the Grizzly Table Saw Go771Z, ensuring that it withstands rigorous use and lasts for years.
  • Easy setup and adjustments: Users have found the table saw easy to set up and adjust, saving them valuable time and frustration.
  • Exceptional value for money: The Grizzly Table Saw Go771Z offers incredible value for its price, according to customers who have compared it to other models on the market.

Common Concerns And Issues Raised:

  • Dust collection: Some users have reported issues with the dust collection system, stating that it could be more efficient in capturing the sawdust generated during cutting.
  • Lack of accessories: A few customers have expressed their desire for additional accessories to be included with the purchase of the table saw, such as a miter gauge or dado insert.
  • Noise level: While the Grizzly Table Saw Go771Z is generally quiet compared to other models, a handful of users have found the noise level to be slightly higher than expected.
  • Difficulty with bevel adjustments: Some customers have encountered difficulties when making bevel adjustments, noting that the process could be smoother and more user-friendly.

Whether you’re a professional woodworker or a DIY enthusiast, the Grizzly Table Saw Go771Z has garnered positive reviews for its cutting precision, robustness, and overall value for money. While a few minor concerns have been raised, the overwhelming feedback from customers showcases the table saw’s performance and capabilities.

Discover for yourself why the Grizzly Table Saw Go771Z continues to be a popular choice among woodworking enthusiasts.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Grizzly Table Saw Go771Z

What Is The Best Table Saw On The Market Today?

The best table saw on the market today is the one that fits your specific needs.

How Much Is The Grizzly G0478 Saw?

The grizzly G0478 saw price varies. Please check the official website or contact customer service for accurate pricing information.

Where Is Grizzly Saws Made?

Grizzly saws are made in the United States.

What Is The Best Value Hobby Table Saw?

The best value hobby table saw is the one that offers excellent performance and affordability while meeting your specific needs.


The Grizzly Table Saw Go771Z is an exceptional tool that offers unmatched precision, power, and durability for both professional woodworkers and avid DIY enthusiasts. With its powerful motor and smooth cutting action, this table saw ensures clean and accurate cuts every time.

The sturdy construction and durable materials make it a long-lasting investment for your woodworking projects. The user-friendly design and safety features make it suitable for both beginners and experienced craftsmen. The versatility and adjustable features allow for customization according to your specific needs.

Whether you’re working on small home projects or larger woodworking ventures, the Grizzly Table Saw Go771Z is a reliable choice that will exceed your expectations. Upgrade your workshop with this high-quality table saw and enjoy the convenience and precision it brings to your woodworking endeavors.


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