Upgrade Your Sawing Game with Top-Quality RIDGID Table Saw Accessories

Are you tired of struggling with your table saw and getting mediocre results? Do you want to improve your sawing game and take it to the next level? Look no further than RIDGID table saw accessories. These accessories are designed to make your sawing experience better, faster, and more efficient. In this blog post, we will provide an overview of RIDGID table saw accessories, their benefits and how they can help you upgrade your sawing game.

We will dive into different categories of accessories like fences and rails, table extensions and wings, dust collection systems, blades, and dado inserts. We will also highlight some popular RIDGID table saw accessories that customers highly rate. Lastly, we will provide a buying guide to help you choose the right accessory for your needs.

Improve Your Sawing Experience

A great sawing experience requires precision, accuracy, and efficiency, which can be enhanced with RIDGID table saw accessories. These accessories, like the mobile bases and rip fences, can help make your work easier and more efficient.

Moreover, using high-quality accessories can increase the lifespan of your table saw. With a variety of options available, you can customize your table saw to fit your specific needs and preferences. Upgrading your table saw with accessories can elevate your sawing game to the next level.

Overview of RIDGID Table Saw Accessories

Introducing the variety of accessories that RIDGID offers for its table saws makes it easier for woodworkers to find the perfect accessory to suit their specific needs. RIDGID’s range of high-quality accessories can help achieve precise cuts and improve accuracy from rip fences and miter gauges to dust collection attachments and mobile bases.

The use of accessories doesn’t just make your work easier, but also helps in keeping your workspace clean while protecting your health. Upgrade your sawing game with top-quality RIDGID table saw accessories today!

Benefits of Using Accessories

Using accessories with your RIDGID table saw can provide numerous benefits, including enhanced safety, improved accuracy, and increased efficiency. Table saw accessories like featherboards and push sticks help keep wood in place while cutting to prevent kickbacks. Dado blades allow for precise cuts in grooves or slots, while blade stabilizers reduce vibration and noise during operation.

Additionally, using high-quality accessories can extend the life of your table saw by reducing wear and tear on the blade. Overall, incorporating accessories into your sawing setup is a smart investment that can greatly improve the quality of your work.

Categories of Accessories

When it comes to choosing accessories for your RIDGID table saw, there are several categories to consider. Cutting accessories such as blades and dado inserts can help you achieve precise cuts, while safety accessories like blade guards and push sticks reduce the risk of injury.

Dust collection accessories protect your health by keeping the workspace clean, while mobility accessories like wheels and handles make it easier to move your saw around. Lastly, maintenance accessories such as cleaning kits and lubricants can help keep your table saw in good working condition. By selecting the right combination of accessories from each category, you can enhance the performance and versatility of your RIDGID table saw.

Fences and Rails

Fences and rails are critical accessories for table saws that help to ensure accurate cuts. Choosing the right fence or rail can significantly improve your sawing game. RIDGID table saw fences and rails are made of durable materials that can withstand heavy use. These accessories come in different sizes, lengths, and styles to suit various types of table saws.

Some fences and rails feature easy-to-read scales, making it easier to adjust the blade’s position accurately. Whether you’re a professional woodworker or a DIY enthusiast, investing in high-quality fences and rails can make a world of difference in your woodworking projects.

Table Extensions and Wings

Table extensions and wings can significantly improve your sawing game by increasing the surface area of your table saw. If you’re working with large sheets of material, such as plywood or MDF, you’ll appreciate the extra space these accessories provide. Table extensions can be attached to both sides of the saw, while wings can be mounted on one side for adding accessories like a router table or sliding crosscut sled.

When choosing an extension or wing, consider the size and weight capacity that will best suit your needs. With a suitable extension or wing, you can make precise cuts without worrying about the material slipping off the edge of your table saw.

Dust Collection Systems

Effective dust collection is vital for maintaining a clean and safe workspace when working with a table saw. RIDGID offers an excellent range of dust collection systems that can be easily attached to their table saws. These systems can collect up to 99% of the sawdust and debris, preventing it from accumulating on your workpiece or clogging your machine.

Available in various sizes and capacities, RIDGID’s dust collection solutions ensure that you get the right system for your workspace, providing optimal performance every time you use your saw.

Blades and Dado Inserts

Choosing the right blade and dado insert can make all the difference in the quality of your cuts. Different types of blades and inserts are suitable for different types of woodworking projects. For instance, a rip blade is ideal for cutting along the grain, while a crosscut blade is better for cutting across it. Combination blades can handle both tasks, while dado blades are best for making grooves or dados in wood.

By selecting the appropriate blades and inserts for your projects, you can achieve greater precision, efficiency and control when working with your RIDGID table saw.

Popular RIDGID Table Saw Accessories

When it comes to popular RIDGID table saw accessories, there are several items that stand out. Outfeed support is a favorite among users as it provides additional support for longer workpieces, making the sawing process more efficient and comfortable. The dust collection system is another must-have accessory as it helps keep the workspace clean and safe, collecting up to 99% of dust and debris.

Other highly rated accessories include the miter gauge for precise angled cuts, rip fence for straight and accurate cuts, and mobile base for easy movement of the table saw to different work areas.

Recommended Product 1

The RIDGID 10-inch High Speed Steel Circular Saw is a powerful and reliable saw for any kind of job. With a 15 amp motor, this saw has plenty of power to handle tough materials like wood, metal, and plastic. The included 10 inch blade is made from high speed steel that helps to provide a smooth and accurate cut. This saw also has a 41.81″L x 30.31″W x 17.32″H product dimension, making it easy to store away.

The RIDGID 10-inch High Speed Steel Circular Saw is a great choice for any type of job. The 15 amp motor provides ample power to cut through a variety of materials. The included 10 inch blade is made from high speed steel that helps to provide a smooth and accurate cut. The product dimensions are also easy to store away, making it a great choice for any workshop or job site.


-15 amp motor provides plenty of power to cut through tough materials.

-High speed steel blade provides a smooth and accurate cut.

-Product dimensions are easy to store away.


-Does not come with additional blades.

-No included carrying case or storage bag.

Recommended Product 2

The RIDGID 15 Amp 7-1/4 in. Circular Saw is designed to handle tough, heavy-use jobs with ease. It features a powerful 15 Amp motor with 5,800 RPM, sealed bearings and high grade materials for improved durability and long-lasting professional performance.

The 0 to 56 bevel detent system offers positive stops at common cut angles for quick adjustments and full length front and rear kerf indicators for added cutting precision.

The integrated sightline blower helps clear the cut line for improved visibility and the ratcheting lock levers can be secured in multiple positions.

The 24-tooth carbide tipped blade ensures smooth cross and rip cuts as well as longer life and with the hex grip innovative micro texture, you can rest assured you’ll have a secure grip and maximum user comfort.


• Powerful 15 Amp motor with 5,800 RPM for improved durability 

• 0 to 56 bevel detent system for quick adjustments 

• Full length front and rear kerf indicators for added cutting precision 

• Integrated sightline blower helps to clear cut line for improved visibility 

• Ratcheting lock levers can be secured in multiple positions 

• 24-tooth carbide tipped blade for smooth cross and rip cuts 

• Hex grip innovative micro texture for secure grip and maximum user comfort 


• Can be heavy to handle for some users 

• Not suitable for all types of projects

Top-Rated Accessories

When it comes to top-rated RIDGID table saw accessories, a few stand out from the rest. For instance, the AC9946 Mobile Base is an incredibly useful accessory that allows you to move your saw around your workspace easily. Additionally, the R4512 Zero Clearance Insert is another popular accessory that can help reduce tear-out when making cuts.

The TSUV Pivoting Overarm Dust Collection System is also highly recommended for keeping your workspace clean and free from sawdust. All of these top-rated accessories can make a significant difference in the accuracy and efficiency of your saw, allowing you to take on even more challenging projects with ease.

Customer Recommended Accessories

Woodworkers who have used RIDGID table saw accessories highly recommend certain products. The zero clearance insert, for example, is efficient in providing better cuts by reducing the gap between the blade and the saw table. A dado throat plate is another accessory that customers swear by since it enables them to work with wider blades and create grooves or channels.

Additionally, a mobile base can be beneficial for those who need to move their saw around their workspace. Other recommended accessories include feather boards and outfeed table extensions for added support and stability during cutting.

Buying Guide for RIDGID Table Saw Accessories

When shopping for RIDGID table saw accessories, it’s essential to consider several factors before making a purchase. Ensuring compatibility with your saw model is crucial, as is the accessory’s functionality and quality. Additionally, ease of installation should be considered to avoid any unnecessary hassles during setup.

Finally, comparing prices across different options can help you find the best value for your money. By considering these factors, you can invest in high-quality RIDGID table saw accessories that will improve your sawing experience and last for years to come.

Factors to Consider Before Buying

Before purchasing RIDGID table saw accessories, it is essential to consider several factors that can affect your sawing experience. First and foremost, ensure that the accessory you choose is compatible with your specific model of saw. Additionally, it is crucial to select accessories that enhance the safety and accuracy of your cutting, such as a blade guard or miter gauge.

Moreover, think about the materials you will be cutting and choose accessories designed for those materials. Finally, consider whether you need additional storage space for accessories or if portability is important to you. By considering these factors, you can make an informed decision and select the best RIDGID table saw accessory for your needs.

Where to Buy Accessories

When looking to buy high-quality RIDGID table saw accessories, it’s essential to purchase from a reputable seller to ensure you’re getting the genuine product. With so many retailers now selling these accessories, it can be challenging to know where to turn.

Home Depot and Amazon both offer a vast selection of RIDGID table saw accessories, while direct purchases can be made through the RIDGID website for added convenience. Additionally, before making your purchase, don’t forget to check for any sales or promotions that may be available, helping you save money on your next sawing upgrade.

Who manufactures RIDGID table saws?

RIDGID table saws are manufactured by RIDGID, which is a brand of power tools and outdoor equipment owned by Emerson Electric Company. The company produces a range of table saw models for both professional and DIY use, with features such as adjustable fences, dust collection systems, and safety features to enhance precision and safety while working with the saw. RIDGID also offers a limited lifetime service agreement for its power tools, including table saws, which covers free parts and service for the life of the tool.

Can a RIDGID jobsite table saw use dado blades?

Yes, some RIDGID jobsite table saw models are capable of using dado blades. However, it is important to check the specifications of your specific model to ensure that it is compatible with dado blades.

Using a dado blade can be a great way to make wider cuts and grooves in wood, but it also requires careful setup and safety precautions. Before using a dado blade on your RIDGID jobsite table saw, be sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully and take all necessary safety measures to prevent injury or damage to your equipment.


Upgrading your sawing game is now easier than ever with top-quality RIDGID table saw accessories. These accessories improve your sawing experience and help you achieve more precise cuts and reduce dust in the workspace. The accessories categories available include fences and rails, table extensions and wings, dust collection systems, blades, and dado inserts.


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