7 Best Hand Planes for Beginners In 2023

The Hand Planes lately have taken a considerable leap in quality and service. These products are based on Bedrock’s classic design. Therefore, any carpentry lover would love to have one of these fascinating products. We bring you 7 best hand planes for beginners so you can find quality, price, and above all products already previously tested. Continue reading to learn more about best hand planes for beginners.

It provides you with high-quality services such as robust side adjustment levers. Also, it includes easier using depth adjustment knobs. It is always necessary to have a tool as magnificent as this, but it is not still easy to find the best one.

What is a hand plane?

A hand plane is a tool used in carpentry to smooth a piece of wood or cut a piece of wood. Before the invention of motorized power tools, hand plans were necessary. These were used to close a gap that was between the raw wood and the projects wholly completed. Now, with these new hand planes, the work is much more productive, veils, and with more precision. It is worth mentioning, the use of tools like these in carpentry, will give you different advantages and create a strategy to finish most of your carpentry projects.



1: The WoodRiver, this is the new #4 Bench Plane, V3

Woodcraft creates this hand plan. This brand follows Bedrocks modeling. Its dimensions are 2-7 / 16 “W x 9-7 / 8” L with 2 “W blade. These plans have 5-pound molds, which are heavy, but also provide mechanized frogs. They are designed to provide more durability and carpentry to be a unique experience. This tool includes four planes,including high tension ductile iron castings. It has a combination of factors allowing it to provide high performance at home.

The tool includes a milled ramp providing precision and anchors the blade to the sole. Also, a benefit it provides is being able to adjust the frog without removing the blade. Besides, it has Bubinga handles with a perfect light finish. They will always give you comfort, control, precision, and spectacular results.


  • It has Bubinga handles with a light finish
  • The soles are machined as flat and square, but always with tight tolerances.
  • The Manufacturer is Woodcraft Supply
  • Follow the Bedrocks model
  • It is a high-quality product


  • Its measures are 2-7 / 16 “W x 9-7 / 8” L with 2 “W blade
  • Holds 5-pound molds


  • Provides precise machining
  • It will provide you with extra thick flat blades much more durable
  • They are designed to be easy to use and adjust. So you can use it at home.


  • Lever cap finish may be a little rough


Many people look for quality and cannot find it, but with Wood River Plane, you will find it. Although they are a little expensive, the investment will be worth it. You will not have to reinvest it in a long time. You will always have precise adjustments. Furthermore, your blade can still have an extraordinary sharp edge. It will be worth it.

 2:The WoodRiver number 5-1/2 Jack Plane

best hand planes for beginners

Wood River is a brand of the Woodcraft provider. This provider is a leader in tools such as plans, power tools, manuals, saws, among others. Therefore, it has different brands positioned in the market and the world of carpentry.

It has a careful creation process for the comfort of all users. It has built-in thick blades and ductile iron bodies. These two features make them generate a high performance compared to other products on the market. You can adjust them quickly and without any problem. Compared to the previous product, you will not know which to decide. The weight and size of this product number 5 allow its use for other types of tasks.


  • It size is 2-7 / 8 “wide x 14-15 / 16” long
  • It has a 2-3 / 8 “-wide blade
  • A product made from the best Stanley Tool and model
  • It has fine grain ductile iron castings
  • It has mechanized frogs for your convenience.


  • Its manufacturer is Woodcraft Supply
  • Its Product Dimensions are 15.4 x 5.9 x 3.6 inches


  • It provides comfort while using it.
  • It is a total value for money product.
  • You can use it to smooth, but you can also use it for other tasks.


  • You may want to replace the blade because it does not have an edge.


Hand plane tools can save your time! It has perfect handles to use it. For the quality you are going to get, the price is significant, but with great value. You will have a tool with a blade capable of perfectly polishing your wood.

3: The fantasticWoodRiver #92, the Medium Shoulder Plane

Wood River brand number 92 is so impressive. This beautiful design has as its main feature its combination of the designs of Edward Preston and his children. In addition, it includes Wood River features to add a touch of “new classic.” This means it will have the appearance of an old one, but you will be able to do extremely serious work. This product is so well designed,and it took two years to prototype and test to provide the best performance for customers. It has a blade advance mechanism that you love; it is smooth and precise.

WoodCraft’s operations were founded in 1928 in Boston. But in 1989, they moved to Parkersburg, West Virginia. They have more than 90 years of experience in this type of wood tools. All his services are of high quality, and he is totally committed to his clients.


  • Has a narrow body
  • It has an adjustable finger; it controls the opening of the throat
  • The body is made of ductile steel released from Cr40 stresses.
  • The blade is steel
  • Has square sides to the sole


  • Its dimensions are a Body – length 7 “, its width 3/4”, and its height 2-1 / 2 “
  • Its overall plane – length 8-13 / 16 “, width 3/4”, height 3-1 / 4 “


  • You will have the ability to perform different types of jobs, such as cleaning spikes until creating together.
  • It has a slightly proud blade with which you can clean corners.
  • Provides necessary robustness


  • Adjusting screws tend to be rough


When you are looking for an outstanding hand planes for beginners, Wood River 92 is your choice. You can use it easily, and you can adjust it to each of your needs without any problem. As for the price, it is a little more expensive than the options on the market. But, its quality is worth it.

4:The YOGEON Jointer Plane # Tiny Woodworking plane, Mini Hand planer

Our fourth product is Wood River Number 7. He is better known as Jointer. Therefore, this tool is similar to the sheet and width of # 6. However, it is 22 ” long. Plus, it weighs 91/2 pounds. It is commonly used for cutting edges before gluing and flattening boards or large surfaces such as tables. It has built-in heavy ductile iron castings with released tension. In addition, it has mechanized adjustable frogs helping with the manufacturing processes.

Other notable features to mention are the new shape of the rear bag. In addition, the diameter of the wheel was increased to adjust the blade; this helps to facilitate the advancement of the blade. You won’t have a problem with that.


  • 4 x 1.2 x 0.8 inches
  • It follows the Bedrocks model
  • His known name is Jointer Plane
  • 3.52 ounces
  • It has built-in mechanized frogs


  • The manufacturer: YOGEON
  • Its Part Number: S


  • It has features stress-free, heavy ductile iron castings
  • It is created by one of the leading providers of saws and tools.
  • It has high carbon steel blades


  • You should make some adjustments to leave it as you want


This is a high-quality tool. If you are looking to invest a little more money, this is your best option. It is not cheap, but it works excellently. You will notice the quality from the first time you see it.

5: The new WoodRiver Low Angle Block Plane

Woodcraft creates our fifth product. It is a supplier founded in Boston for the years 1928. It has a long history of more than 90 years, so quality is the first thing you will get. This brand, in addition to providing quality, is committed to woodworkers always tooffer the best.

This type of hand plane is a block plane. It is based on the famous Stanley design # 65, which is considered one of the best block plane designs. It has a chrome knuckle cap; these bear a resemblance to the standard and low angle versions of the previous year. It has changed and it will give you the best. You will notice the difference noticeably. These changes strengthen weak points in the original design and improve the area of the base of the blade.

An essential feature is the built-in steel hatch. It has high carbon content because of this hardening with Rc60-64. Therefore, this hardening allows maximum edge retention and grinding to a 25-degree angle. It is recommended for better use when the blades are sharpened.


  • It is made with a classic design
  • It has a knuckle style lever cap
  • The bed angle is 12-degree
  • It has a high carbon tool blade
  • Its blade angle is 25-degree


  • The Manufacturer: Woodcraft Supply
  • The product dimensions are 7.85 x 3.15 x 2.75 inches.


  • You will have a sharp adjustment regarding the blade
  • The adjustable mouth of the blades is very smooth to operate
  • You can do rough work up to creations of fine shavings.


  • The warranty might vary


You will have a fantastic product,and you will love it if you are a carpenter who knows the subject. You will have a product with excellent conditions. It should be mentioned; the configuration is not simple, but nothing out of the ordinary. The providers will help you with customer service.

6: The Stanley- Low Angle Sweetheart Jack Plane

This is the new Stanly plane number 62. In this tool, you will find a better and more renewed hand plane you will love. It is quite smooth, and it is also trendy in the world of carpenters and among collectors. This number 62 is very faithful to the original design but weighs more than a pound, that is to say, around 4.6 pounds. It has a plastic cast iron body providing a 12-degree bed angle. The length of this product is 14 ” and 2.4 ” wide. Also, the blade is 2 inches wide.

Keep in mind;this provider has more than 90 years in the industry. They operate since 1928 and are considered leaders in the industry.


  • It includes a heavy ductile iron casting
  • The high-carbon is included in a steel blade
  • It has a flat sole
  • It contains square sides
  • It has a Bubinga tote and front knob


  • The manufacturer: Stanly
  • Product Dimensions: 14.5 x 6.25 x 3.25 inches


  • It is a product created by a supplier with more than 90 years of experience.
  • It is priced too affordable in terms of quality.
  • It has perfect blades to be able to leave the wood smooth.


  • The blade can be cut square, but not sharp.


This is an excellent option to give a gift to a loved one. This plane is an excellent tool,and it will provide quality to all the projects you produce. If you are looking for an easy tool to use, don’t miss the opportunity.

7:The small Chisel Woodriver Plane

This product number 7 is designed to be the best product in your carpentry workshop. You can control the angle, the front edge whenever you want, and with ease. In addition, it gives you an adjustment to control the cut very easily. You can use it to remove excess glue, practical applications, and even make pocket plugs. It has a fantastic size of 4-1 / 2 “long (5” OAL) by 1-3 / 4 “wide. Plus, it weighs only 1-1 / 2 lbs. You will love it, and you will be able to maneuver up to where you thought you were never going to do it.


  • 4-1 / 2 “long (5” OAL) by 1-3 / 4 “wide
  • Its weighing is just 1-1 / 2 lbs
  • You can maneuver it to perfection
  • You can use it for practical tasks
  • It is the perfect size to reach unreachable areas.


  • Manufacturer: Woodcraft Supply
  • Part Number: TW-SCP1


  • It will help you remove excess glue until you trim proud dowels.
  • Thanks to its size, it will facilitate maneuvering in the tightest places.
  • You can perfectly do light trimming tasks.


  • You may need help adjusting


This tool is too solid and very easy to use. It is very useful to clean things to make them square. It has a thick blade so you can be sure that these tools will give you precision.

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BUYING GUIDE: Find The Hand Planes For Beginners

There are four crucial points and characteristics to take into account when buying a hand plane. You must focus on those characteristics to buy the best product for you.

The Frog

The frog is the first item on our list. This part is essential because it supports the blade. The plane performance will depend on the excellent design of the frog and the fit it has to the body of the plane. There are two types of frogs; these are the most common; Bailey and Bedrock. The Bailey is used more than anything in manual planes; they are fully adjustable. Instead, Bedrock styles are found on machined surfaces on the body of the plane. This design gives you a recess on each side; this makes the frog locate on two ridges on the body. These frogs can be adjusted to close or open the mouth of the tool. You will not have to remove the iron assembly from the plane.

Blade Angle

Our second point is the angle of the blade. This is necessary since it is what you are going to cut. Depending on the edge, you will know how and what you can cut with it.

If you have blades with a lower angle to the wood, they are perfect for cutting the final grain, which makes the blade cut instead of scraping. On the other hand, if you have blades with high angles, you can work exotic wood and burrs with intricate grain patterns. Almost all of these tools feature a 45 degree angled cutting edge for wood. If you have one of these, you can work soft and hardwoods without any problem.

The thickness of the blade

The best hand plane should have a suitable thickness in the blade. Thickness is an essential element; this will determine the stiffness of the blade. If the product has a thin edge, it may flex when you are cutting. What it will cause are vibrations, a poor finish, among other points. On the other hand, if you get thick blades, they resist considerably. Besides, they offer you smoother finishes, and they will fascinate you.

The material: wooden or metal body

Both materials are right and have their disadvantages. The metal ones are much heavier compared to the wooden ones, but they are much more resistant to wear than they may have. This could greatly help you when working on abrasive woods. Instead, the wooden ones give you lightness when you are brushing long periods. Also, it does not mark, damage, or harm your work, just as a metal material would. Another essential feature is the fine finish they provide on any wood.

Metal vs. Wooden


When working with wood, a hand plane is a tool that can be used to create a smooth surface. Planes are typically made from either wood or metal, but metal planes are generally the preferred option for their durability and consistent results. However, some woodworkers prefer wooden planes for their unique look and feel. 


 Metal planes are typically heavier than wooden planes, which can be an advantage for woodworkers since they won’t have to push down as hard to shave off the wood. Adjusting the blade depth is also easier on a metal plane than on a wooden plane. These tools are often made from powder-coated cast iron for an extra level of durability, and they can have either metal or wood handles. 


 Whether you choose a metal or wooden plane, the key is to find a plane that works well for the specific project you’re working on. With the right plane in hand, you’ll be able to create a smooth surface on your wood project.


Vintage Hand Planes

To smooth wood, vintage hand planes have been around for generations. These planes were made with a variety of materials, but the most common were metal and wood. The plane had a blade that was set at an angle to the body of the plane.


When the user pushed the plane along the wood, the blade would shave off a thin layer, resulting in a smooth surface. While vintage hand planes are no longer necessary for most woodworking projects, they are still popular among hobbyists and collectors. For many people, vintage hand planes represent the craftsmanship of a bygone era.

7 Best Hand Planes for Beginners (1)

Best Hand Planes for Beginners – FAQ

What is a hand plane?

A hand plane, also known as a plane, is a woodworking tool used for shaping and smoothing wood surfaces. It consists of a cutting blade (iron) positioned at an angle with the sole of the plane, which slices off thin shavings of wood as it is pushed across the surface.

How many types of hand planes?

There are several types of hand planes; The block planes, smoothing planes, jack planes, fore planes, jointer planes, shoulder planes, bullnose planes, among others

How should I choose the best hand plane for a beginner?

When choosing a hand plane for beginners, consider factors such as the type of projects you’ll be working on, your budget, and the level of control and precision you’re looking for. It’s also important to start with a plane that is easy to set up and use, with proper weight and balance.

What are some recommended hand planes for beginners?

Some of the best hand planes for beginners include the low angle block plane, the jack plane, and the smoothing plane. These planes are versatile, easy to use, and provide good control for basic woodworking tasks.

How do I flatten wood surfaces with a hand plane?

To flatten wood surfaces with a hand plane, start by marking the high spots on the wood. Then, hold the hand plane at a slight angle and push it forward in smooth strokes across the grain. Continue planing until the surface is level and smooth.

How do I sharpen a hand plane blade?

Sharpening a hand plane blade involves using sharpening stones or honing guides to restore the cutting edge to its original sharpness. It’s important to maintain a consistent angle and remove any burrs on the blade for optimal performance.

Can a hand plane be used on end grain?

Yes, a hand plane can be used on end grain, although some planes are more effective for this purpose than others. A low angle block plane or a specialized shoulder plane is commonly used to work on the challenging end grain surfaces.

Are there any power tools that can replace hand planes?

While power tools such as planers can be used for certain tasks, hand planes offer a level of control and precision that is often preferred by woodworkers. Hand planes allow f

How should I take care of my hand plane or my Wood River?

Soles often wear out even when they are metal or wood. As a routine, you should implement the occasional flattening of the sole. You can use a lapping plate along with an abrasive compound if you are cleaning metal plans. If you are going to do it with wood, a fine abrasive paper, a lapping plate, and a flat surface will be perfect.

Should I sharpen my tool?

Some iron plans must be sharpened. You can do it with water stones, oil, or diamond. But, if you have the possibilities, you can do it with a grinding machine. Please try to flatten the back and the cutting bezel before any first use.

What are the parts including in a hand plane?

It has around 13 parts. It will start with the toe, knob, mouth, chip breaker, lever cap, sole. In addition, it has a frog, blade or plane iron, a depth adjustment knob, plane body, heel, a lateral adjustment lever, and a tote or handles.


What is the rabbet plane used for?

A rabbet plane is a specialty plane that is used to create a “rabbet” or a groove along the edge of a piece of wood. This can be done for a variety of reasons, such as creating a space for another piece of wood to fit into or adding decoration or extra support to an edge.


A rabbet plane is different from other types of planes in that it has a blade that cuts not only horizontally, but also vertically. This makes it the perfect tool for creating rabbets, as it allows you to cut the groove quickly and cleanly.


How We Tested the Best Hand Planes

We tested the best hand planes by using a rabbet block plane, flat edge, and chisel to remove wood in a controlled manner. The results were measured to see how much time was saved by using the best hand planes.



A hand plane can save the life of your projects and your wood from having smooth cuts. Choosing the hand plane can be a challenging task, but with this guide, it will be fun to choose. The Wood Rivers have taken a strong position in recent years in the world of carpentry. But choosing them will be much more comfortable with this best hand planes for beginners. Who does not want to have a tool to smooth wood like this? Everybody! We assure you of the full operation of each of these products. They are of high quality at a reasonable price, and above all, they will give you the best.


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