How To Laminate Wood?

It is worth mentioning that wood laminating is available in different methods. If you are willing to employ the right steps, be sure that you will achieve the desired thickness and quality.


What is wood laminating?

This is simply a technique of sticking things together. In woodwork, it is a process where pieces of wood are together. You stick them with glue to form a compound. Use suitable glue that sticks your pieces of work properly.

How to laminate wood with panels?

Shape the piece of lumber using a table saw. Make sure that the pieces have the same length, straight and they have square edges. Support the panels using two pieces of sawhorses parallel to each other.

Apply glue on the sides of the piece. Spread the glue using a flexible card or a rubber roller.  Press each piece against each other then dispense bar clamps evenly. This helps to hold the pieces in place.

Make sure that the clamps are tight to a point where you will notice some glue seeping out. Let it rest for an hour and get rid of the clamps.

Make sure that you determine how long the glue dries as some take different times.

Increase strength by placing adjacent piles to ensure the grains are at the right angles.

Thickness laminating

Support the lumber using two sawhorses.

Apply good amount of glue all over the facing up side using a rubber roller.

This time round you can just apply glue without making it even.

Apply glue all over the board.

Put a different board on the side with the glued board.

Spread glue over it and place another board on top of the second board. Continue stacking the boards until you achieve a height of 4 inches.

Place bar clamps vertically around stack up to 6 inches apart.

Remove the clamps after 60 minutes.

Trim the edges using a table saw

Rip the laminated wood to size on a table saw


The thickness of plywood is only ¾ inch.  Wood workers always laminated many pieces together to achieve thicker plywood.

Place a piece of plywood on two sawhorses.

Evenly spread a layer of glue using a rubber roller then put plywood on top.

Keep in mind that plywood lamination does not go beyond two layers. Most woodworkers add more stacks until they achieve the desired thickness.  Moreover, do not apply much pressure to bond the plywood. Use spring clamps to press them together.

Edge laminating

Edge laminating is also technique of lamination that many woodworkers employ

When you cut plywood, raw edges are left.

We can seal the edges by laminating thin pieces of veneer to the edge using glue.

First apply glue on the just cut plywood edges

Place a strip of 1/16 inch veneer on the edge.

Hold the veneer in place using wood tape.

What is the very best glue for laminating wood?

Polyvinyl Acetate

The white range is a great all-purpose family adhesive while the yellow type is the more powerful of the two. The bond that the latter makes is more powerful than the wood itself.

Does laminating wood make it more powerful?

Wood is much more powerful along the instructions of the grain, laminated wood can be made more powerful throughout the grain by including plies in instructions other than the main grain instructions.

How to Laminate


Laminating wood has never been this easy by employing our useful tips on how to laminate wood. Practice with different woods and master all the techniques of wood lamination.   


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