How To Laminate Wood: The Basics Of DIY Laminating

Laminating wood is a simple process that makes it possible to add a protective layer to the surface of any kind of wood. This article will explain how to laminate wood, and provide some helpful tips along the way.


What is wood laminating?

Wood laminating is a price-efficient and eco-friendly way of adding valuable visual and functional features to wood floors. Lamination is not as expensive as many people believe, and it’s an easy and convenient way to protect valuable flooring by adding a layer of protection that can be as durable as the original flooring.

3 Ways to Laminate Wood

Laminated wood is a new concept in the industry, which industry experts have invented. This laminated wood is not only a beautiful piece of art, but it can also be used for different purposes. Several types of laminated wood are available in the market, but these are not readily available. Here is a list of 3 types of laminated wood:


Water Laminated wood

This laminated wood has a special quality of water resistance, which means that it can resist water even if it gets wet. It is mainly used to make kitchen furniture. You can see this wood in the kitchen cabinets, shelves, and worktops.

Marine Laminated wood

Marine Laminated wood is a type of wood that has been soaked in seawater. It gives a nice look to your wooden pieces. It has a beautiful texture, and it looks wonderful.

Plastic Laminated wood

This type of laminated wood has plastic in it. This plastic will help to give a beautiful and attractive look to the wooden piece. It also adds strength to the wood.


How to laminate wood


If you want to protect your wooden floor from scratches and other damages, you need to laminate it. You can laminate your wooden floor using a variety of methods.


The first step is to buy a lamination machine, which is very expensive. The machine will glue the wood pieces together, and the process is quite simple. You need to cut the wood into small pieces and place them on the machine. Make sure that all the parts are clean before starting the process.


Once the machine is ready, you need to open the clamps and put them on the wood pieces. Next, remove the plastic covers from the wood and place it on the machine.


Now, you need to make sure that the machine’s temperature is between 40 and 60 degrees Celsius. After that, you need to press the clamps for 2 minutes. Once it is completed, you need to remove the clamps and leave the machine for 5 minutes.


After that, you need to apply the protective layer over the wooden floor and leave it overnight. This way, your floor will be protected from scratches and other damages.


Best Ways to Laminate Wood Veneer


Would you be interested in doing something in your kitchen that will help you save a lot of money? Then laminate wood veneer is the best option. It is a process of making the wood veneer into sheets. The end result is amazing, and you won’t need to spend a lot of money.

Let’s look at what is laminated wood veneer and the best ways to laminate it.

What is laminated wood veneer?

Laminated wood veneer is a material that is made up of different types of wood like Oak, Beech, Birch, etc. There are multiple thin layers of wood stacked together to make this veneer. These veneers are bonded together with a thin layer of glue. Using this type of wood veneer has high resistance against moisture, heat, and insects.

Best ways to laminate wood veneer are as follows:


1.Laminate wooden floor

If you want to add a new look to your wooden floors, then laminated wood veneer will help you. You can get the laminated wood veneer from your local market or from the online stores. You need to clean the surface and then apply the veneer. Make sure that you don’t use any adhesive to stick the veneer.

2.Laminate wooden furniture

If you want to make your wooden furniture more durable, then laminated wood veneer is the best choice for you. This is the most common use of laminated wood veneer. You can buy it from the market or from online stores. You need to cut it to the size of your wooden furniture and then apply it to the wooden furniture.

3.Laminate wooden kitchen countertops.


You can also laminate a wooden kitchen countertop. But, if you want a thick veneer, you must consider using plywood as the base. But, if you want a thin and attractive veneer, then you can use laminated wood veneer. You can get it from online stores.

How To Laminate Wood


How to laminate wood at home

To laminate wood at home, you need a router and a router table with an edge guide. Use a router with a laminate trimmer bit to remove the excess laminate after laminating the wood.

How to laminate wood with panels?

Shape the piece of lumber using a table saw. Make sure that the pieces have the same length, straight and they have square edges. Support the panels using two pieces of sawhorses parallel to each other.

Apply glue on the sides of the piece. Spread the glue using a flexible card or a rubber roller.  Press each piece against each other then dispense bar clamps evenly. This helps to hold the pieces in place.

Make sure that the clamps are tight to a point where you will notice some glue seeping out. Let it rest for an hour and get rid of the clamps.

Make sure that you determine how long the glue dries as some take different times.

Increase strength by placing adjacent piles to ensure the grains are at the right angles.

How to laminate wood for a table top

The first step make sure the wood is clean, dry and free of any inconsistencies. Put the wood on top of some sheet metal scaffolding about 1 foot higher than your table saw. Cut down one side of each plank on your table saw starting at the bottom edge. Go slowly through the cut to maintain control over the plank as it moves through the blade. Put your knee or hand on top of the wood to keep it moving straight through it’s cut until it’s all cut free from the board.


What is the very best glue for laminating wood?

Polyvinyl Acetate

The white range is a great all-purpose family adhesive while the yellow type is the more powerful of the two. The bond that the latter makes is more powerful than the wood itself.


Does laminating wood make it more powerful?

Wood is much more powerful along the instructions of the grain, laminated wood can be made more powerful throughout the grain by including plies in instructions other than the main grain instructions.

How to Laminate


Laminating wood has never been this easy by employing our useful tips on how to laminate wood. Practice with different woods and master all the techniques of wood lamination.   


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