How To Sharpen Planer Blades? | The Ultimate Guideline

Using a sharpen planer blades is an advantage to the user. Do you know about how to sharpen planer blades? In this post we’ll learn more about this.

We sharpen the blade to ensure that these two parts as smooth as well as flat to intersect properly.  Let us find out how we can sharpen a wood planer blade:


  • Unplug the tool to avoid unnecessary accidents. Do not remove so much material from the back of the knife.  This narrows the blade as well as clumps the wood.

Secure the blades properly. Go through the instructions and ensure that you clam the blades properly.

Equipment You Will Need

  • Whetstone
  • Honing guide
  • A setting jig

How to Sharpen Planer Blades

This process involves a few simple steps, as discussed below:

Setting the Honing Guide

Place the honing guide on a smooth as well as a flat surface. Place the planer blade into the honing guide and ensure that you hold it securely in a bevel-side.  Adjust until the rest of the bevel connects with the surface.  

The honing guide holds the planer blade at the best angle throughout the sharpening process. If the angle is low, you achieve a sharper blade though less durable. The best angle is 30 degrees, as this will ensure a sharper as well as a durable planer blade.

If you want to use 30 degrees honing guide, then opt for 38 mm of the planer blade.  Set up your setup jig on the honing guide using two pieces of scrap wood through square edges.  Place the two-piece 38mm and use glue to secure them.

Oil the Whetstone

Use a tapping oil to oil your whetstone as this helps to clean the metal.

Get rid of the blade nicks

Get rid of the Nicks if they are appearing on the blade by employing the coarse side of the whetstone.  Move the planer blades across the whetstone and apply some pressure. Make sure that the blades do not move.

Flattening the Back

Flatten as well as polish the back. Start with the coarse grit, medium, and finally, the fine grit.  Do it an inch to the edge while applying enough pressure to the planer blade to maintain it flat.

The coarse grit setting consumes a lot of time while the fine grit setting is quite fast.  Undoubtedly, you are going to end up with a mirror-like planer blade. This is after undertaking all the three grit steps.

Sharpening the Bevel

Use a honing guide as well as a planer blade to rub the bevel on the coarse grit. Cover whole face the bevel and employ a magnifying glass to make follow-ups. Then handle the medium grit.

Repeat the process using a fine grit as well as honing guide. If the planer blade is sharp enough, it will easily cut a thin piece of wood. In the end, you will accomplish a smooth surface.

What angle do you develop planer blades?

A 30-degree angle is ideal for getting a sharp yet lasting Planer blade. Setting the honing guide to 30 degrees needs you to have 38 mm of the Planer blade protruding of the guide. A setup jig for your sharpening guide can be developed by using 2 pieces of scrap wood with square edges.

How to sharpen planer blades at home

Planer is a tool that will help you cut your wood in any shape or size that you want, but if you are using this tool for a long time, the blades will become dull and need sharpening. The best way to keep your planer blades sharp is to use them for cutting the wood.

  • When you buy your planer, you should have the planer blade with you. This will help you to know about the knives that you have and which ones need sharpening.
  • Sandpaper is the most common tool for sharpening blades, but if you want to sharpen your planer blade at home, then you can use a new piece of sandpaper as well.
  • If you are using an electric planer, you can grind the blades with it, but if you are using a manual planer, you need to sharpen them manually. 

Don’t forget to keep the blades on a board while you are sharpening them.

How To Sharpen Plane Blades By Hand

FAQs: How To Sharpen Planer Blades?

What angle are jointer blades sharpened?

If I remember correctly, the planners and jointers are usually between 40 and 50 degrees, but Jeff was correct that different manufacturers may choose different angles based on the machine characteristics and blade thickness and width.

How sharp should jointer knives be?

Knives for joining wood assure a straight edge, which we can use for a variety of purposes. We think it’s a good idea to sharpen to approximately 600 grit. It will only take a short time for any edge gained to last. If you want to remove burrs from the back of the jointer or planer knife, use a diamond to hone the edge.

Are planer blades worth sharpening?

It’s not worth the effort to sharpen these materials to a razor-sharp edge. The first board through the planer will take the edge away from a knife that is likely to be sharp enough to shave with.

Can you get drill bits sharpened?

A dull drill is not good for drilling in metal. There are a lot of complicated jigs and gadgets for sharpening drill bits. Even though twist drill bits are easy to sharpen by hand, it is not true.

What’s the best way to sharpen a blade?

Diamond stones are used in other methods of sharpening the blade. Before you start working with the blade, make sure that it is set at the desired angle. Ensure that you get a perfect finish on the surfaces you are working on at the same time because this is for the sake of your safety.


No doubt sharpening a wood planer blade is a paramount process for any woodworker. If you do not do it accurately, you will have problems with your work. Take advantage of these tips and ensure you a sharp planer blade to save your time.


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